Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Mr. Lu Angered(5)
Chapter 173: Mr. Lu Angered5

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Then, just as the swing reached it's highest point, the rope suddenly snapped. Qiao Anhao lost her balance and couldn't help but let out a shriek. Her body flew forward and fell to the ground.

As the director saw the scene through the monitor, the smile on his face instantly froze. He was dumbfounded, and didn't react at all.

Everybody present on the set spaced out on the spot. They looked over when they heard Qiao Anhao scream.

Even Song Xiangsi, who was leaning sluggishly against a tree, casually checking her phone, jumped straight up. Her hands shook, causing her phone to drop to the ground. She instinctively looked over at Lu Jinnian. Before she could open her mouth to speak, he, who was standing nearby, watching the shoot, abruptly leaped forward.


The highest point of the swing didn't reach past two-meter height, so it would take only a few seconds to fall. However, when Qiao Anhao fell, those few seconds felt like they dragged on, passing much slower than they should.

She felt weightless. Her eyes tightly closed in a state of panic as chaos raged in her head. In her heart, she thought that she was done for.

When the swing neared the height of a ground floor, she fell without any warning. Even if she was lucky enough not to get severely hurt, she wouldn't be able to avoid a light injury. Since she had the role of the second female lead, she had quite a few of scenes. If she were injured, it would hold back the entire filming process. By then, people would inevitably complain.

The sound of the wind rushed into Qiao Anhao's ears. She quietly gritted her teeth and balled up her fists. She mentally prepared herself for the coming bone-breaking pain.

Qiao Anhao was on the verge of colliding with the ground when a nearby figure launched itself towards her. It crashed against her, cushioned her fall and mitigating the worst of the impact. Everyone on the set froze, staring mutely at the scene of the accident.

Qiao Anhao was a little dazed, for the pain she had anticipated never came. She felt like she was having a dream. Eyes closed, she didn't budge for a long time.

Qiao Anhao wasn't heavy, but having fallen from a high distance, she still crushed Lu Jinnian, making him a little dizzy. For a long while, he lay on the ground like a cushion. Suddenly, as though he had realized something, he sat up and took Qiao Anhao, who lay on top of him, in his arms.

Her hair messy, she lay with tightly shut eyes and didn't move an inch, as though she had fainted.

Lu Jinnian's eyes flashed with worry, and his handsome face drained of blood.

"Qiao Anhao?"