Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 176

Chapter 176: Mr. Lu Angered(8)

Qiao Anhao raised a hand to rub her forehead where she was hurt. "It's just a It'll heal up in two days. It won't leave a scar at all. I really don't have to go to the hospital."

The director couldn't make the cal, so he looked at Lu Jinnian for his opinion.

Lu Jinnian glanced over at Qiao Anhao, who had just smudged the blood from her cut all over her forehead. His tone of voice suggested 'no' wasn't an answer when he said, "Go to the hospital!"

"You really don't have to go through all that trouble..."

Qiao Anhao hadn't finished her sentence when Lu Jinnian cut her off to say, "Miss Qiao, you have just had an accident and you are a part of the cast which we have invested in. You may say that you're fine now and don't need to go to the hospital, but if you turn around later to go in for a check-up and find that there really is a problem and try to extort us - then what do we do?"

Qiao Anhao opened her mouth to explain that she would never do that, but Lu Jinnian simply didn't give her a chance, answering his own question, "Also, don't forget that you are a signed artist of my Huan Ying Entertainment. If you don't go to the hospital after an accident, I certainly don't want to hear any scandals about abuse against artists from my company!"

As Lu Jinnian spoke, he s.n.a.t.c.hed the car keys from the director's hand, and then went straight for Qiao Anhao's arm. Holding her, he rushed to the parked car not too far away.

After just two steps, it looked like he had suddenly thought of something. He stopped in his tracks and glared at the director with a cold look, causing the director to slightly s.h.i.+ver in fear. A second later, Lu Jinnian raised his arm with the car keys. He pointed at the broken swing not that far off and said mercilessly, "Before I get back, I want you to give me a reasonable explanation. Tell me, how can a swing break like that for no reason!?"

When he finished, Lu Jinnian turned his head and, dragging Qiao Anhao's arm, stalked out.

Lu Jinnian raced to the hospital in his car. The two of them didn't speak at all on the drive from the villa to the city. It was at least a two hour drive, but he reached the public hospital in an hour and a half.

Lu Jinnian simply wasn't looking for Qiao Anhao's opinion at all. He dragged her straight to the emergency ward, signed in, and shouted to the doctor, "Give her a full body check-up!"

Without even looking at Qiao Anhao, he took long strides out, and left.

The full body check-up took a long time. Lu Jinnian stood in the hallway, waiting, slightly bored.

Every now and then, he would raise his hand and press the left of his back. His brows creased hard, as though he was enduring something.

In the end, it was like he couldn't take it anymore. He pulled a cigarette from his pocket, wanting to divert his attention. However, just as the cigarette settled between his lips, Lu Jinnian saw the sign on the wall, saying in large letters, "No Smoking". He angrily took the cigarette from his mouth and shoved it back into its pack, and into his pocket.