Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 184

Chapter 184: The Most Beautiful Confession with Hand Signs(6)

Qiao Anxia faced a room full of people and joking said, "You can call me Da Qiao, and my sister Xiao Qiao."

"Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao, honestly you are a beautiful pair of sisters."

Qiao Anxia's personality had always been outgoing. After talking with new people for no longer than three minutes, she could already be getting along well with them. And so, her arrival, not only did it not kill the mood, it actually lifted it. All that could be heard in the entire party room were, "Da Qiao, which university did you graduate from?", "Da Qiao, how did you meet Chen Yang?", and "Da Qiao, why don't you sing us a song?".

Qiao Anhao sat quietly next to Lu Jinnian She was used to these kind of scenes. After she found out her parents had pa.s.sed away, she couldn't go back and had to live at her uncle's house, so she gradually lost the same confidence and cheerfulness that Qiao Anxia had in her bones. In most cases, whenever Qiao Anxia and she went out, Qiao Anxia would always easily get along with others. Yet, she would always sit quietly to one side, and smile as she watched her.

The sounds of drinking, chatting, singing, and laughing were all over the lively party room. Yet, all this commotion seemed to have no affect on Lu Jinnian beside her. He maintained a calm posture where he sat on the sofa, staring at his phone.

Next to him, Qiao Anhao would sneak a peek at him every now and then. When she unintentionally caught sight of his phone screen, she learned that he was looking through Huan Ying Entertainment's reports.

Even in a noisy place like this, he still managed to work! Qiao Anhao couldn't help but quietly let out a sigh. From the bottom of her heart, she silently thought, 'If he had to work, what was the point in coming here?'

Qiao Anhao sat in the party room for quite some time, and grew a little bored. She stepped out to go to the restroom. Coincidentally, coming out from the cubicle, she b.u.mped right into Qiao Anxia.

"Qiao Qiao." Qiao Anxia reached out and patted Qiao Anhao on the head.

Qiao Anhao rubbed the part where she was touched. She fixed her hair up, then quickly grabbed Qiao Anxia, who was about to enter the cubicle, "Big sis, what's actually going on? How come you're with Chen Yang?"

"We b.u.mped into each other at a charity event the week before last. We exchanged numbers, got talking, and we felt like we both got along quite well, so we started dating," Qiao Anxia said in a light-hearted tone.

"But awhile ago, didn't you say that you liked Lu Jinnian..." Qiao Anhao genuinely cared about Qiao Anxia, but she also wanted to know how she actually felt about Lu Jinnian.

When Qiao Anxia heard the two words, "Lu Jinnian", she thought back to the image of her being rejected by him not so long ago. Immediately, she pursed her lips and interrupted Qiao Anhao. "He said he has someone he likes, and that person isn't me. If the love from one is unrequited by the other, why should I waste any more time on him?"