Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 185

Chapter 185: The Most Beautiful Confession with Hand Signs(7)

When Qiao Anxia said that, she paused for a moment, then asked, "Qiao Qiao, do you know who Lu Jinnian likes?"

Qiao Anhao shook her head.

"Forget it." Qiao Anxia smiled with an att.i.tude as though she didn't want to talk about it. She then said candidly, "They're all waiting to go back to playing games. Let's talk about it if we have some time later."

When she finished speaking, Qiao Anxia headed straight for the cubicle and closed the door.

Lin s.h.i.+yi spent her day frightened and on edge. Yesterday, she was furious when she cut Qiao Anhao's swing for her shoot. In the end, she was fine, but in a fit of rage, Lu Jinnian asked the director to investigate the issue.

The crew who worked on the swing knew she was over by the shoot's place at the time. To make sure it wasn't traced back to her, she spent a lot of money to buy their silence. She also agreed to sleep with Producer Sun a few times in exchange for his help in speaking with the director to cover the truth.

The more she wanted to crush Qiao Anhao, the more bad luck she found herself in. Her mood was indescribably bleak. Just now, she was only in the restroom for a smoke to calm her terrible mood when she unintentionally overheard the conversation between Qiao Anhao and Qiao Anxia.

So... Qiao Anxia likes Lu Jinnian?

Whether Lu Jinnian actually liked Qiao Anhao and if there was anything between them at all - Lin s.h.i.+yi wasn't entirely sure. But one thing she was sure of now was that Qiao Anhao filled her insides with a burning rage, so she really did not want for Qiao Anhao to ever rest easy.

So Lin s.h.i.+yi walked out from her cubicle, stood in front of the sink, and quietly waited for Qiao Anxia.

Qiao Anxia came out quite quickly. Was she really form a n.o.ble family, why did she look so high cla.s.s?

Through the reflection in the mirror, Lin s.h.i.+yi looked Qiao Anxia up and down. The other woman finished was.h.i.+ng her hands and was about to dry them with the paper towels when Lin s.h.i.+yi called out to her, "Miss Qiao."

Qiao Anxia turned her head and shot Lin s.h.i.+yi a friendly smile. "Excuse me, can I help you?"

Lin s.h.i.+yi's personality had always been frank. She didn't go around in circles with Qiao Anxia but said frankly, "Miss Qiao, don't you just want to know who Lu Jinnian likes?"

Qiao Anxia's eyebrows creased, but she didn't say a word.

Lin s.h.i.+yi's lips twitched and she smiled at Qiao Anxia. "I don't know if Miss Qiao usually checks weibo's hot topics and saw what was there awhile ago... Your sister and Lu Jinnian made it to the top most searched. She went to Lu Jinnian's room late at night and didn't come out until quite a few hours later."

Qiao Anxia was always smart. After hearing Lin s.h.i.+yi's words, she knew what the actress really meant. The corners of her lips rose, and she gave her a dazzling smile. She kept up her n.o.ble manners and eloquently said, "In your entertainment industry, just how many of your news are real? They're all a bunch of groundless rumors. As for my sister, I know her better than you."