Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 189

Chapter 189: The Most Beautiful Confession with Hand Signs(11)

Paper, scissors, rock.

5, 2, 0.

This is what he gave her, the most beautiful confession with hand signs.

It's a shame she never understood its meaning.

When Qiao Anhao, who sat next to Lu Jinnian, heard his clear voice, a bleak hint of bitterness surfaced from the bottom of her heart. So in reality, he had started liking that unknown girl from the first half of the third year of middle school.

She herself had met him in first half of the third year of middle school and fallen in love with him at first sight. Up until now, it made a total of thirteen years. If she added it up, he had actually liked that woman for thirteen years and a half... She always thought that she was really stubborn and tireless in love. Who would have thought that he was the same as her, also just as tireless and stubborn in love...

Sometimes, you're so easy-going when you talk, but deep down, you're not really carefree. When Qiao Anxia heard Lu Jinnian's 'truth', her expression was particularly serious. The moment he told those words, and before people could get distracted, she didn't know why, but she suddenly spoke up. "Who would have thought Mr. Lu would be so infatuated and persistent in love."

With her gla.s.s of red wine, Song Xiangsi slowly swirled it around twice, and continued Qiao Anxia's words, "Indeed. If you count it up, it's been over ten years. That woman is very lucky to have our Mr. Lu so obsessed."

After saying this, Song Xiangsi glanced over at where Qiao Anhao sat. Then her lips curved at Lu Jinnian.

How could Lu Jinnian not know that Song Xiangsi was making fun of him. Yet his expression was

bland as he sat against the sofa, not giving Song Xiangsi any reaction.

After that, the game continued, and Qiao Anhao still lost more rounds than she won.

However, when she won, another person would face Lu Jinnian, and Lu Jinnian would win for sure.

Deep down, when Qiao Anhao lost, she would rely on Lu Jinnian's flaw in the game to barely get by.

After someone stepped out first to bravely ask Lu Jinnian about his dating history, people after him were dead set on asking him questions about his dating history also.

"Mr. Lu, so do you still like the woman?"


"Mr. Lu, so did you ever get with her?"


"Mr. Lu, after all these years, you can't still be holding onto your crush? Have you never confessed to her?"

"Wanted to, but never succeeded."

Lu Jinnian's response caused chaos among everyone in the room.

"Oh my G.o.d! No way! Who would be so stupid as to turn down THE Mr. Lu?"

"Are you sure that the woman isn't blind?"

"Definitely blind. THE Nation's Husband! You'd dream of taking him home!"

Everyone wanted to know everything about who he liked. Above all else, they wanted to know every little detail concerning him and the woman he liked.

Qiao Anhao was no exception. Ever since she found out that he had someone he liked, her heart secretly thought, was the woman he liked pretty? Did he ever get together her? Does he still love that woman?

That night, everyone in the private room helped her ask the questions she'd been hiding in her heart.

However, after she satisfied her curiosity, her heart became even sadder.

At the very end, after playing for many more rounds, Lu Jinnian lost again. When he lost, someone asked the question Qiao Anhao most wanted to ask, "Mr. Lu, what's the name of the woman you like?"