Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 190

Chapter 190: The Most Beautiful Confession with Hand Signs(12)

After having lost again, Lu Jinnian didn't bother waiting for everyone to remind him to drink as a punishment. He took the gla.s.s from the table and downed it. Just as he set it down and was about to pick up the second one, he heard someone ask that question. His hand stopped abruptly.

The others in the room broke into commotion.

"Yeah. We've been asking for half a day now, yet we still don't know who Mr. Lu likes."

"If Mr. Lu doesn't want to say her name, it's alright to show us a photo."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah! Whoever caught Mr. Lu's eye must be pretty right?!"

When Lu Jinnian heard everyone bouncing back off each other's words, his expression looked ceaselessly calm. His hand slightly bent over and picked up the second gla.s.s. He threw his head back, and the alcohol traveled down to his stomach.

A drip of red liquid trickled down the corner of his lips, along his neck, and slid down the inside of his s.h.i.+rt.

The picture was so beautiful, it made people gasp in admiration.

Lu Jinnian put down his second gla.s.s, not stopping there. He picked up the third gla.s.s and downed it without even a blink of an eye. As he held the third gla.s.s, he looked at the crowd of people in the room who stared back at him waiting for an answer. His eyes gently blinked, and he said flatly, "I'll sing for everyone."

Everyone slightly sighed in disappointment. At the key moment, he actually didn't choose 'truth' but 'dare'!

Lu Jinnian calmly stood up from the sofa and strode over to the song selection station. Out of habit, he reached over with his right hand to select a song, when he stiffened a little. He swapped to his left hand and gently pressed the screen twice. The entire room fell silent at that moment; a gentle and elegant melody started to play.

Lu Jinnian did not like singing at all, nor did he know many songs. Apart from the national anthem, that he could sing to completion, he could only sing the song he had just selected from start to end.

This song was the soundtrack for a movie he starred in four years ago.

This song left a deep impression on him, because the lyrics would make him sing the very words he wanted to say to Qiao Anhao.

The prelude wasn't long, nor was it a very popular song, and so everyone couldn't guess what the song was until the three words appeared on the screen, "What a Pity". Then they realized what it was.

The song selected was a duet, but when the lyrics popped up, only Lu Jinnian's exquisite voice was heard.

"Forget. Want to forget, easier said than done. Not mad at you. It's the only attack I can't bear.

"Emotions as deep as the ocean floor, no one can compare to my love, but you never cared for this at all."

On careful consideration, everyone present had known Lu Jinnian for many years now, and yet they had never heard him sing.

Normally, he always wore a cold and distant expression, which made it difficult to imagine that he could take a smooth ballad and sing it in such a moving and meaningful way.

Right then, the room fell silent. All that could be heard was Lu Jinnian's voice filling up the room.

"Miss you, not only because of loneliness. In the end, I didn't lie to you, there's really love. I dare make the whole world my enemy.

"For you, I have suffered the utmost. These sufferings, I would even accept."

In that instant, the memory of working through the harsh summer heat, when they had just graduated the third year of middle school and entered junior high, surfaced in Lu Jinnian's mind.