Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 192

Chapter 192: Why Couldn't It Have Been Me? (2)
Chapter 192: Why Couldn't It Have Been Me? (2)

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
A long while after Lu Jinnian left, the people in the cabin gradually snapped out of their daze, but they still remained silent.

Suddenly. Cheng Yang said, "This song! Its the theme song for the movie that me and Lu Jinnian acted in four years ago when I just entered the industry!"

A few of the actors in the room were part of the cast of that movie and now that Cheng Yang had mentioned it, they nodded their heads in enlightenment. One of them said, "I found it familiar too! At that time, when we were still filming in the desert, the conditions were so bad. In each tent, more than a couple people had to squeeze in, and once, when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night, on the way I found Lu Jinnian awake, sitting alone, staring up at the sky. He was surrounded by cigarette buds and had his ear phones plugged in with this song blasting."

He paused momentarily as if recalling the events from that night before continuing, "I tapped his shoulder, and when he came back to his senses, he turned back and looked at me with blood-shot eyes. Those were the kind of eyes that seemed like he had cried. After that, he seemed to have realized his actions and suddenly stood up to leave. When I went back to the same spot after visiting the bathroom, I found the words "Happy Birthday" written on the sand. Since the wind that day was strong, it was already blurry, but I could still vaguely make out those words."

Silence over the room until someone else said, " I never would have guessed that such a frosty and unapproachable person could love someone for so long."

"I heard a rumor from before stating that Mr Lu didn't smoke in the past, but after something happened, he picked it up. Could it be a failed confession that caused him to pick up smoking?"

"Yes! Mr Lu is a heavy smoker. I often see him standing and smoking alone in a corner."

Silence settled on the room once again, the atmosphere becoming depressing and pressuring. In the end, someone changed the topic. "Mr Lu mentioned that the person he likes is his first love. I don't even remember my first love, what about you guys?"

Someone replied, "First love? I only remember my first night."

Laughter erupted and the conversation continued. "I still remember my first love, a pure and clean little girl, I would put a lollipop in her cabinet every day."

"Haha, thats nice. I treated my first love badly, I would bully her everyday till she complained to the teacher and I got a beating from my dad."

Laughter erupted once again, a cheery mood settling on the room.

Lu Jinnian came out of the bathroom and leaned against the wall to smoke a cigarette before returning back to the room.

The room wasn't locked, and once he approached, he heard laughter from inside.

Just then, Song Xiangsi asked, "Qiao Anhao, what about you? What about your first love?"