Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 193

Chapter 193: Why Couldn't It Have Been Me? (3)

Lu Jinnian froze where he stood at the door.

Qiao Anhao sounded soft and gentle as usual, but it was enough for Lu Jinnian, who was at the door, to hear clearly.

"My first love isn't as lively or interesting as any of yours. It was a crush, and I've loved him for many years, I even studied hard just to enter the first cla.s.s as him. After that, I studied hard once again to enter A college."

"Wow! Never saw you as a scholar material!"

"A college, thats a prestigious school that only the best can enter. Then why did you enter the entertainment industry?"

The entire room seemed to be curious about Qiao Anhao's love life.

Lu Jinnian clenched his lips, leaning onto the wall weakly.

Back then, he had left an entire page blank for his math paper just so that he could enter the third cla.s.s to be with her, but she had worked hard for someone else to enter the first cla.s.s. He went to Hangzhou such an unfamiliar place just so that he could be in the same college as her, but she had once again fought hard to enter A college for someone else.

Lu Jinnian stared at the ceiling lights in a daze, his eyes starting to sting.

A waiter walked pa.s.sed and saw Lu Jinnian, who was standing motionless. He couldn't help asking, "Mister, do you need anything?"

Lu Jinnian s.h.i.+fted his eyes to the smiling man, shook his head, and slowly straightened up, and left.

First love, the carrying of the torch, and youth seemed to be a beautiful memory in everyone's heart. Once people reach a certain age, they would be casually reminded of the beautiful past, and a feeling of regret and unspoken feelings would rush in.

The gathering was supposed to end at 11 pm, but the people were still engrossed in their conversations at 12 am. Just then, someone's phone rang, reminding the crowd of the time.

Qiao Anhao knew that she would definitely drink alcohol in the gathering, hence she told Zhao Meng to leave with the car.

She helped Qiao Anxia and Cheng Yang up to his manager's car since they seemed to have drunk too much. She then got a cab and returned to Mian Xiu Garden.

Madam Chen was already asleep, since she wasn't sure if Qiao Anhao would come back tonight. Softly, Qiao Anhao went up, ensuring she didn't wake Madam Chen. She showered and climbed into the bed, but just as she was about to switch off the lights, she heard a car entering.

Qiao Anhao frowned, removing her blanket. She climbed off the bed and ran to the window. Through it, she could see Lu Jinnian's car entering the front yard.

He didn't drive into the garage, stopping in front of the main door.

Lu Jinnian opened the car door and came out. Drunk, he staggered towards the house. He raised his hands, preparing to key in the pa.s.scode, but once he raised his hands, he frowned. He couldn't seem to remember the pa.s.scode.

Qiao Anhao heard the doorbell ring. Shuddering, she ran down.

Madam Chen was already awake and had opened the door. Lu Jinnian's clothes were crumpled, and he staggered into the house without even removing his shoes.

Madam Chen followed behind him with a pair of slippers in her hand, repeatedly calling after him.

Qiao Anhao came forward, taking the slippers from her, before signaling her to go rest.