Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 194

Chapter 194: Why Couldn't It Have Been Me? (4)
Chapter 194: Why Couldn't It Have Been Me? (4)

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
Returning back to the bedroom, Lu Jinnian went straight to lie on the bed. Qiao Anhao came over, placing the slippers on the floor before softly telling him, "Change your shoes."

Lu Jinnian didn't react. He just stared at the lights on the ceiling.

Qiao Anhao stood at the side for a while before informing him yet again. Lu Jinnian ignored her once more, shutting his eyes. Qiao Anhao moved her lips, looking at the shoes that he had on. Kneeling, she untied the shoelaces and pulled them off.

When she was removing his shoes, she hesitated momentarily before removing his socks as well. She then placed the slippers onto his feet. When she lifted her head, preparing to stand, she saw Lu Jinnian staring at her. At some point, he had sat up and was now looking straight at her.

Qiao Anhao paused and lowered her lashes instinctively, speaking softly, " You'll feel better after a shower..."

Lu Jinnian continued to sit on the bed motionlessly.

Qiao Anhao bit her lip and stood up. "I'll go run a bath for you."

She then turned and ran to the bathroom.

After no more than two steps, Lu Jinnian reached out to grab her hands. She fell onto the bed, and with a turn, he pressed her underneath him. Not giving her any room for objection, he kissed her roughly on the lips.

He kissed furiously, pressing hard against her, as though he wanted to eat her up.

After a long while, out of breath, he released her. His dark eyes stared into hers for a long while before he lowered his head once again to seal her lips.

This time, he was no longer as rough, kissing with much more care. Slowly, he traced her jaw, down to her neck. With insatiable desire, he started sucking on her neck before moving up to her ears and, suddenly, he stopped, pressing onto her motionlessly.

Lu Jinnian paused so suddenly, he left Qiao Anhao in a daze. She was just about to turn to look at him, but at that moment, she heard him ask in a low voice, "Why can't it be me?"

Qiao Anhao frowned slightly, not able to process what he was saying.

Lu Jinnian fell silent, motionless.

Even though he wasn't fat, he was tall and heavy. He pressed onto Qiao Anhao, causing her to wriggle about uncomfortably. In the end, he reached out his hand to grab her shoulder, securing her, not letting her move another inch before repeating his question, "Why can't it be me?"

Every time he asked, Qiao Anhao could feel her neck getting wetter... from Lu Jinnian's tears.

Paralyzed, she lay completely still.

Lu Jinnian took a big gulp before burying his head in her neck. Grabbing onto her hands, he trembled slightly. In a shaky voice, he asked, "Why couldn't it have been me? Why am I not the one you love?"