Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 195

Chapter 195: Why Couldn't It Have Been Me?(5)

Lu Jinnian took a big gulp before burying his head in her neck. Grabbing onto her hands, he trembled slightly. In a shaky voice, he asked, "Why couldn't it have been me? Why am I not the one you love?"

Why couldn't it have been me? Why am I not the one you love?

Qiao Anhao's, who hadn't previously understood what exactly Lu Jinnian meant, heart raced heavily with a "Badonk" when she heard those words. Then, in an instant, she realized that his words were meant for the woman he liked.

She felt like someone had brutally clutched her heart. It was so painful, she felt it was a little difficult to breathe. Under the pressure of his body, he abruptly tightened his grip even more.

A fierce pain crept upon the wound on Lu Jinnian's shoulder, and instantly traveled through his body. It twisted fiercely for a moment. Even though he'd drank a lot alcohol and his head was a little dizzy, he instantly woke up.

Lu Jinnian hid next to Qiao Anhao's neck, his brows creasing soundlessly. His hands tightly gripped onto the bedsheets. Then, he used all the strength in his chest to turn over. He could of continued to talk, pressing against her forever, but his whole body started to tremble, and he gulped twice. Then, he abruptly raised his head, ruthlessly covering her lips, and started to forcefully rip off her clothes.

Qiao Anhao grabbed Lu Jinnian's shoulder when his movements became heavier.

Lu Jinnian's brows creased harder. As though he couldn't take the pain from his back any longer, he grabbed onto Qiao Anhao's wrist and pushed her onto the bed. With some resolution and crudeness, he entered her body.

His position looked threatening, but it was no different from the previous times he had done it with her. She clearly knew how gentle he really was. Even his kiss had become so light and soft. He revealed a strong sense of love and protectiveness.

After quite some time, Lu Jinnian finally stopped. In the very end, his hand held onto hers tightly, clasping every finger. He lowered his head and stared deeply into Qiao Anhao's eyes for a long time before slowly lowering his head again and kissing the center of her eyebrows... her hair... Then, he gently held her in his arms.

From Qiao Anhao's memory, Lu Jinnian had only once... just once fallen asleep with her in his arms after they did it.

It was during the second time, when he had a fever and she came to take care of him. In an unconscious state, he had forcefully had s.e.x with her.

That night, she knew that he would never willingly have s.e.x with her. It was only that after spending so much time alone while they were together that she felt a little happiness being in his arms. She even stupidly grabbed her phone and took a photo.

Then later, whenever he touched her, he would maliciously have s.e.x with her, as though he hated her to death. Don't mention a hug, he wouldn't even give her a gentle kiss. Every time they finished, he threw her aside like throwing away something dirty, and quickly left her without any hesitation.

Now she finally knew. That night when he had a fever, he probably only treated her that gently because, like tonight, he must have mistaken her for the woman he loved.