Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Why Couldn't It Have Been Me?(6)

Perhaps the position was too uncomfortable, for Lu Jinnian, who was embracing Qiao Anhao, slightly s.h.i.+fted his body, pressing her even tighter to himself. His chin coincidently was on top of her forehead, and he lightly rubbed her hair. Then, he lowered his head again and gave her long hair two pecks. After feeling satisfied, he muttered disorientated, "You don't even know. I've been waiting for you for so many years. When will you ever come to me..."

Lu Jinnian's voice grew fainter. Then, eventually, it disappeared completely.

During the party, even though every one of his answers were short, they were filled with his unwavering love for that woman. As Qiao Anhao sat by his side, every time she heard his response, she felt a knife brutally stab her heart.

Now intoxicated, his words were full of deep emotions, which was even more hurtful.

Qiao Anhao tightly balled up her fists, forcing herself not to tremble. Yet, a wetness gradually surfaced in the corner of her eye.

She had always craved for his embrace, but now, she had learned that it could be so very painful.

Qiao Anhao shut her eyes, wanting to rip herself away from Lu Jinnian's body. However, he seemingly felt something, and held her tighter.

The bedroom was silent. All that could be heard was the ticking of the clock on the wall.

Lu Jinnian's breathing gradually grew long and calm, as though he was already deep in sleep. But Qiao Anhao wasn't the least bit sleepy, tears flowing uncontrollably from the corners of her eyes.

Next morning, Qiao Anhao was woken up by Zhao Meng's phone call. She groggily reached for her phone. She picked up the call and said "Hey".

Then she heard Zhao Meng's say seriously, "Qiao Qiao, don't tell me you're not fully awake? Don't forget that you have a scene to shoot in late afternoon. I'm about to reach Mian Xiu Garden. You'd better hurry up, or you won't make it on set."

Qiao Anhao instantly woke up, hung up the phone, and hurriedly ripped the sheets off herself. When she got off the bed, she realized that her whole body felt weak and in pain. Then, images of her and Lu Jinnian together last night suddenly came back to her. She subconsciously looked around the room. It was completely empty; Lu Jinnian was long gone.

If it weren't for the exhaustion, yesterday could've been a dream she'd made up.

As she was in a rush, Qiao Anhao didn't have time to think about her pain and suffering. She hurriedly ran into the shower and turned it on. Just as she was about to wash her hands, she suddenly stopped, stunned. She looked at her left hand—it was unexpectedly covered in blood.

The blood was already dried up and dark in color.

Where did it come from?

Qiao Anhao was so shocked, she turned slightly pale. She stared at her own fingers for a while. Without caring about the running water in the shower, she ran out of the bathroom. She walked over to the bed and pulled open the sheets. There, she saw that Lu Jinnian's half of the bed, the snow white bed sheets on which he'd lain yesterday, had striking red patches.

Qiao Anhao then looked over to her left hand, and wrinkled her eyebrows at the memory of grabbing onto his shoulder yesterday...

In her heart, she felt a as though she was brutally hit. Her face was so pale, it was almost translucent.

Lu Jinnian was injured? What's more, it seemed pretty serious...