Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 200

Chapter 200: Why Couldn't It Have Been Me?(10)

Qiao Anhao eyebrows creased and she reached her arm out to Lu Jinnian's forehead to feel for whether or not he had a fever.

But just as her fingertips touched between his brows, Lu Jinnian abruptly snapped out of his daze. He remembered the wound on his back, and without even thinking, he grabbed Qiao Anhao's wrist, "Who let you in?"

Qiao Anhao was so shocked by Lu Jinnian's sudden move, she s.h.i.+vered. With her head raised, she looked at him, who was about to speak. His cold tone of voice became calmer when he said, "Get out of my mansion!"

When he finished speaking, he ruthlessly flung her hand away and slammed the door shut. Qiao Anhao instinctively reached out to push the door, but she clumsily slipped, hitting the door frame.

Lu Jinnian tightened his brows, reaching to grab the door to stop it.

He glared at Qiao Anhao's fingers that were dangerously close to being crushed between the door. His tone of voice had a hint of anger when he spoke next. "I'm telling you to get out of my mansion!"

With that, Lu Jinnian wanted to shut the door again, but he saw that the woman had annoyingly grabbed onto the frame. In the end, he could only grit his teeth and fling the door open.

He reached out and clutched Qiao Anhao's arm. All of a sudden, he picked her up and strode downstairs with a blank expression.

"What are you doing?" asked Qiao Anhao. With those words, Lu Jinnian immediately opened the front door, and brutally threw her out! Without even waiting for Qiao Anhao to respond, the door in front of her slammed shut with a "Bang".

Qiao Anhao reached out and smacked the door. Not a single sound was heard inside. She turned her head. Through the wide, s.h.i.+ning, floor-to-ceiling windows, she saw that Lu Jinnian had already strode off upstairs. She pouted before going around the back and entering the mansion through the same floor-to-ceiling window again. Having had her first experience of being kicked out, this time her steps were particularly light.

The bedroom door wasn't closed. Lu Jinnian was spread on his stomach out on the bed with his head staring out the window at who knows what... Qiao Anhao carefully tip-toed closer to the large bed.

When she drew closer, Lu Jinnian realized that something was off. He instinctively turned his head, but before he could clearly see Qiao Anhao's face, she quickly sat on top of his waist.

The sudden weight made Lu Jinnian slightly crease his brows.

Subconsciously, he reached out to pull Qiao Anhao off of him, but her somewhat cold hands were one step ahead. Without any warning, she rolled his s.h.i.+rt over him to expose the wound on his back right before her eyes.

Lu Jinnian stopped abruptly, his arm halfway-up, and his entire body stiffened.

On his fair back was a giant graze. Since the wound wasn't dealt with sooner, there were some areas that were infected. Especially near the shoulder, which was incredibly red and swollen.

Seeing this, Qiao Anhao's face turned pale white. She bit her bottom lip and asked in a low voice, "Was it when you came to rescue me? Was that when you got injured?"