Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Will You Always Love Her? (2)

His father didn't even look at him but walked into the office block. To his father, Lu Jinnian was of no relation to him, as if he was a stranger.

There was practically no one who cared if he suffered when he was sick, if he was injured and in pain to the point where he felt that he could never feel suffering or pain.

But now, she actually asked if he was in pain...

They were such careless words, but they easily pierced the softest part of his heart.

When Qiao Anhao posed her question, she reached and opened her bag, took out the disinfectant, ointment, and bandages she had bought in the pharmacy.

She picked the cotton swabs to firstly disinfect Lu Jinnian's back. Perhaps because of the pain, Lu Jinnian's back suddenly tightened.

As though Qiao Anhao also felt the same pain travel through her, her hand struggled to hold the cotton swab.

To stay composed and divert her attention, she couldn't help but ask, "When you got injured, why didn't you say anything? Even if you didn't want to let other people know, you still have to go to the hospital to get it checked up. If the wound isn't properly handled, it could easily get infected.

"Also, yesterday, why did you drink so much? With an injury like this, you shouldn't drink alcohol at all... For someone so old now, how can you not look after yourself..."

Ever since Lu Jinnian was young, his personality was always that of a loner; he did he like to talk, and he preferred silence. However, now, by his ear, all he could hear around him was her gentle, long-winded chatter.

Perhaps because it was the first time Qiao Anhao had to take care of such a ghastly-looking wound, she seemed particularly timid. Her voice carried a slight tremble, which made her gentle voice sound especially cute and attractive.

She said one thing after another, without repeating a sentence, nor showing a hint of stopping. Yet, he didn't think that it was the least bit annoying. In actuality, as listened to her jabber on, an indescribable warmth took over his heart.

With eyes shut and body spread out on the bed, Lu Jinnian didn't say a word. It looked as though he had fallen asleep, but the corner of his lips hidden under his arms carried a slight hint of a smile.

Only when Qiao Anhao finished handling Lu Jinnian's wound did she climb down from his body. Then, taking a few anti-inflammatory pills into her hand, she said, "Take some of these pills, you'll get better in no time."

As she said this, she grabbed the bottled water from the cabinet by the headboard. She twisted the cap off and carried it over to the bed. That was when she discovered his eyes were shut, his breathing was long and heavy, and he had already fell asleep.

His eyelashes were long, like two wings. Under the light, his nose line was accentuated, forming a beautiful shadow.

His expression was still and calm. The corner of his lips was slightly arched, as if he was smiling. His dazzling features unexpectedly contained a hint of warmth.

Qiao Anhao bent her body to stare at Lu Jinnian's face for a very long time. She couldn't help but draw closer, and secretly plant a light kiss on his face, before running away, blus.h.i.+ng like crazy. She took the bottled water and pills to the cabinet by the headboard. Then she discreetly pulled the blanket over his body, picked her own bag, and quickly left the bedroom.