Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 207

Chapter 207: Will You Always Love Her? (7)

At that time, Lu Jinnian's acting skills were already impeccable, his expression, his actions were all perfectly delivered in accordance to the role.

The plot was interesting and the actors were good. "Empress Dowager" was indeed a rare cla.s.sic. With this film, he firmly secured the Best Screen Actor t.i.tle.

Qiao Anhao had watched this movie several times before, but every single time, she was still sucked into the movie. Halfway through it, Lu Jinnian's phone vibrated. She turned to look at him, but he had already picked it up.

It was a call from his a.s.sistant. "Mr. Lu, there's been some progress with the swing incident."

Lu Jinnian glanced at Qiao Anhao. Silently, he placed the laptop onto the table and left the room. After he exited the room, he was sure to shut the door before asking, "What progress?"

"The strings holding the swing were mechanically cut off, the cuts are relatively new, so I retrieved the security cameras. At that time, Lin s.h.i.+yi had gone in the direction of the gra.s.sland, but since there weren't any security cameras in that area, I can't confirm that she had gone there to cut the strings.

"However, another than her, only the crew had gone in that direction. Other than her, there isn't anyone else with the motive to cut the strings. I suspect that she bribed that filming crew so that there won't be concrete evidence. Mr. Lu, how do you intend to settle the issue?"

Lu Jinnian had already had his suspicions, he just needed evidence. According to his a.s.sistant's words, there wasn't any concrete evidence, but he was sure that the swing had been touched by Lin s.h.i.+yi.

A murderous glint flickered past his eyes, his entire expression turning cold and menacing. He narrowed his eyes, snarling into the phone: "If there isn't evidence, there are always other ways to deal with her."

"Mr. Lu, you mean?" His a.s.sistant had been following Lu Jinnian for years and could vaguely guess his intentions, hence he tried, "Shall we boycott her for a while?"

"Not for awhile. Do it permanently." Ever since Lu Jinnian took over Huan Ying Entertainment, this was the first time he had boycotted an artist. As an artist, he understood the struggle and difficulties they faced, so he would often tolerate mistakes. This was the first time he had called for such a harsh punishment.

"But it'll be difficult to change her role in 'Alluring Times' now..."

"Get the script crew to reduce her screen time."

"Yes, Mr. Lu."

After Lu Jinnian hung up, he stood at the stairs, taking deep breaths, trying to calm his bursting anger. Only when he managed to calm himself fully did he return to the room.

Lu Jinnian swept a glance over the screen, realizing that it was the kiss scene between him and Song Xiangsi. He turned to look at Qiao Anhao, who was focused on the screen with an intensity greater than before he had left the room.