Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 209

Chapter 209: Will You Always Love Her? (9)
Chapter 209: Will You Always Love Her? (9)

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Lu Jinnian frowned, his typing stopped as he rested his fingers on the keyboard. He thought for a long while before recalling which movie "Obsessed" was. "That one? A substitute was used."

A bubble of happiness erupted in Qiao Anhao's heart. Back then, when she had watched the movie in the theater, she was filled with jealousy and sorrow thinking that his body was exposed to the whole world.

Lu Jinnian lowered his lashes as he continued to focus on his laptop. But before he could read anything, he suddenly realized that Qiao Anhao had listed almost all the movies that he had starred in, she even knew about "Obsessed" which didn't do very well. He himself had almost forgotten about it, but she had actually remembered the bed scene inside...

He couldn't help lifting his head to look at her, asking, "You seem to be paying attention to my movies."

Qiao Anhao's heart thumped rapidly, even skipping a beat. She clenched her hands slightly, afraid that he had sensed something. She stared unwaveringly at the screen, trying to calm herself down before replying, "All your movies are famous, everyone loves them. And I'm actually a fan of yours!"

Finishing, she turned to smile at Lu Jinnian with curved eyes before continuing to casually conceal her feelings. "How is it? Die hard fan, aren't I? I can name all your movies!"

Lu Jinnian was named the "Nation's Husband" and had an insane amount of crazy fans globally, but Qiao Anhao was the fan that made him the happiest.

He closed his laptop and slouched back on the sofa, watching the movie with Qiao Anhao before asking, "Out of all my movies, which character is your favorite?"

Qiao Anhao tilted her head slightly, considering the question seriously. Just when he thought she didn't hear his question properly and was going to repeat himself, she finally replied, "My favorite? My favorite is the movie 'Longing'."


Lu Jinnian frowned slightly.

"Even though you were the second male lead in that movie, you completely overshadowed the male lead. Your love for the female lead, your sister, was forbidden, and you were able to portray the restrain and internal struggle so well. "

Sorrow clouded Qiao Anhao's eyes as she spoke, the character resembled her love for him. She loved him, but along the years it had turned into a secret she was afraid to let out, afraid that a confession would cause an irreversible outcome. She was not a coward, she was just afraid to not be able to see him again.

Lu Jinnian had filmed many classics, like "Empress Dowager" , "Bustling Dreams" , "Clouds", and "Heaven". "Bustling Dreams" had even been named the best classic of their time, garnering him many awards.

"Longing" was the movie that had made him famous, but since he was the second male lead, it wasn't as memorable.