Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 213

Chapter 213: Suspected Love (1)
Chapter 213: Suspected Love (1)

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
When Lu Jinnian straightened, his gaze fell onto Qiao Anhao's face. She was looking up at him with wide eyes, and just like that, their gazes collided.

The mood in the room became increasingly more ambiguous.

His gaze heated up, and Qiao Anhao's heart thumped rapidly.

Suddenly, he reached out with his hand. Qiao Anhao's lashes trembled slightly before she shut her eyes unconsciously. His warm fingers moved to her face and caressed it lightly.

Her lashes shook, and she realized that he was wiping off the excess milk that was left on her lips. Opening her eyes, she saw tenderness replacing the frost in his eyes. "Goodnight."

Lu Jinnian's hands remained on her head, pausing there for a long while, seemingly undecided on what to do with next. In the end, he tapped her head lightly before turning to walk to the sofa.

Qiao Anhao felt as though the whole world had stopped; she stared blankly at the ceiling, dazed. Only when the lights switched off did she regain her senses. Turning back, she could vaguely make out Lu Jinnian's figure on the sofa with the faint light from the window.

Tenderness and warmth filled her.

She dived into the blanket, taking in Lu Jinnian's faint and familiar scent. The scent was exactly the same as five years ago when she had stayed in the same room as him.

Even though it was already late into the night, they both stayed wide awake, but neither said a word.

The room remained silent, with only their breathing to be heard. Occasionally, the sounds from the crickets would enter the room.

Unknowingly, exhaustion took over, putting Qiao Anhao to sleep.

When her breathing finally grew deeper and longer, Lu Jinnian slightly moved his body before standing up. He walked over to the bed and stared down at her face. When she was asleep, her features softened, appearing warmer than usual.

After a long while, he reached out his hand to lightly caress her tender face. Lowering his body, he placed a soft kiss on her forehead, staying there for a long time, unwilling to move away. Forcing himself away, he left the room with a box of cigarettes.

The injury on Lu Jinnian's back only healed after four days.

During those four days, Qiao Anhao stayed in the mansion to accompany him.

Those four days was the longest period of time they had stayed together, and the conversations they had were far more numerous than in the past thirteen years.

Only on the fifth day did Lu Jinnian receive a call from his assistant stating that there was a meeting that required his attendance. On that day, they both left the mansion.


Lu Jinnian's car was in the city, so he drove Qiao Anhao's car out.

He drove to Huan Ying Entertainment and stopped there. Passing her the car keys, he waited for her to drive off before walking to the elevator. Not far away, someone had witnessed the entire scene.