Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 225

Chapter 225: Suspected Love (13)

Qiao Anhao's dance was mesmerizing, captivating everyone's attention. There weren't many people that noticed Lu Jinnian's unusual behavior

But that didn't mean it went unnoticed. Qiao Anxia had been observing him, completely taking in Lu Jinnian's actions. It was obvious that he had been in a daze due to Qiao Anhao, his fiery intense stare betraying him.

The suspicion that she had suppressed bit at her once again.

After touching up her makeup, Qiao Anhao accidentally spilled water onto her hand as she took a sip. She looked around for her bag, spotting it beside Qiao Anxia. "Sis, could you pa.s.s me the tissue in my bag."

Qiao Anxia was in a daze, her face blank as she opened Qiao Anhao's bag. The moment she opened the bag, she froze as she spotted a familiar looking medicine bottle.

"Sis? Found it?"

Qiao Anhao asked once again, bringing Qiao Anxia back to her senses. Qiao Anxia pa.s.sed the tissue over before sweeping another glance over the medicine bottle. Nonchalantly, she pretended that nothing was wrong, zipping Qiao Anhao's bag shut.

That medicine bottle belonged to Lu Jinnian.

She was familiar with that bottle. Two years ago, Lu Jinnian's a.s.sistant had sent her back when she gotten drunk after a gathering. Before leaving the car, he had pa.s.sed the bottle over to Lu Jinnian , reminding him to apply it on his wounds. At that time, she had asked about it out of curiosity. His a.s.sistant told her that it was a medicine specially brought from Yun Nan that removed scars.

She then asked where she could get it in Beijing.

Lu Jinnian's a.s.sistant then told her that there was only one bottle in the whole Beijing and it belonged to Lu Jinnian.

But now Qiao Anhao had it too. She had never been to Yun Nan and couldn't have bought the medicine there, so it could only mean that Lu Jinnian had given it to her...

The more Qiao Anxia thought, the more anxious she got. The second take had already began, but she still couldn't stay calm, excusing herself to the toilet.

Standing in front of the mirror, she washed her hands in deep thought. She recalled the events from the past few days before coming to a conclusion that Qiao Anhao was the girl Lu Jinnian had been in-love with all these years.

Qiao Anxia was startled by her revelation, grabbing onto the basin. She looked down at the streaming water, seemingly in shock.

"Miss Qiao?"

Qiao Anxia looked to the side, seeing Lu Jinnian's a.s.sistant come out from the men's toilet. She hurriedly swept away her startled expression, smiling towards him as she continued to wash her hands. Casually, she asked, "When did you come back from the city?"

"City? Which city? I was in my room sleeping the entire day," he replied.

"Really? I could have remembered wrongly," she said calmly before smiling slightly once again.

"I'll be leaving now."

Qiao Anxia nodded, her lips curling into a small smile. Once he left, she clenched onto the basin tightly.

Lu Jinnian's a.s.sistant was here the entire day... That meant that Lu Jinnian had lied this morning when he mentioned that his a.s.sistant had taken the car away...