Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 226

Chapter 226: Suspected Love (14)

Lu Jinnian's a.s.sistant never took the car out in the afternoon. To Qiao Anxia's surprise, Lu Jinnian had told Cheng Yang that his a.s.sistant took the car just to catch a ride...

He was clearly lying... But what was point of his lies?

At Huan Ying Entertainment, she casually said that Qiao Qiao liked crayfish. Then, in the evening, Lu Jinnian treated the whole crew to crayfish.

When they got into a car accident, he and Cheng Yang immediately rushed over to the scene. He stared at Qiao Qiao for a while without saying a word, then grabbed a cab and left.

In the evening, when Qiao Qiao was dancing, he was staring at her in an obvious a trance. Then, there was that small bottle of medicine in Qiao Qiao's bag...

The harder Qiao Anxia gripped onto the sink, the paler her fingertips appeared. Her chest heaved restlessly.

If one was to call her premonition just a woman's intuition, then now, Qiao Anxia may not be 100%, but at the very least, she was 90% certain... Qiao Anhao was the love Lu Jinnian had been missing all these years. From the very start, he had never thought about giving up on his love!

It was actually Qiao Anhao, it was actually Qiao Anhao...

"Xia Xia? Xia Xia?"

Qiao Anxia heard the faint sound of someone calling her. She suddenly looked up at the person in front of her for a while, s.p.a.ced out.

Cheng Yang gracefully furrowed his brows. He grabbed her shoulder and said in a worried voice, "Xia Xia, is there somewhere you don't feel well?"

Qiao Anxia glanced over at the hand on her shoulder and raised her head. As she faced him, she slowly came back to her senses. She shook her head and said, "I'm fine."

Cheng Yang stretched his hand out and rubbed Qiao Anxia's head. Her temperature was normal, which made his heart retreat into his chest. Still, he felt uneasy and asked worriedly, "You don't look too good?"

Forcing a smile, Qiao Anxia dug herself into Cheng Yang's arms. With her eyes shut, she stayed there for a while, then said in a weak voice, "I'm a little tired. Let's go back and rest."

"Okay," Cheng Yang replied obediently.

Qiao Anxia, in his arms, turned to leave the bathroom. After a walking a distance, Cheng Yang suddenly opened his mouth to ask again, "Xia Xia, are you really okay? If you don't feel well somewhere, tell me, I'll take you to the doctor's."

A hint of warmth came over Qiao Anxia's heart as she shook her head at Cheng Yang. Her tone carried hints of childishness when she lied, "Perhaps my period is about to come. My stomach hurts a little. It's really nothing."

Lin s.h.i.+yi didn't graduate junior high. After dropping out, at first, she was a side chick who relied on her body and good looks to get close to quite a few rich bosses. After living an enviable life of glitz and glamor, she met a film investor at a dinner party the year she turned nineteen. Even though he was already fifty, Lin s.h.i.+yi imagined that he could be her big break. So after the dinner party had finished that night, she secretly slipped her number into the fifty year old man's hand.

And because she took that first move, it swiftly started off her career in the entertainment industry.

From the age of nineteen to twenty seven, she had spent a total of eight years in the entertainment industry. She always had the drive to reach the top.

Of course, the sugar daddies behind her back followed one after another, each more powerful than the last. As of late, to hustle in this world, sometimes you couldn't rely on skills but your background.