Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 227

Chapter 227: Suspected Love (15)

Lin s.h.i.+yi despised Song Xiangsi. At first, she planned to go head-to-head with her, but about, Song Xiangsi... she was an anomaly. She was hustling in the entertainment industry, all high and mighty, receiving all the best things, and yet, seemingly not having anyone who supported her... Yet, how could she not once let slip that she had someone who supported her?

In the entertainment industry, they called Song Xiangsi a talented female actress you'd meet only once in a hundred years. No matter what, Lin s.h.i.+yi could never compare to her. In the end, she might as well know her place.

In the past eight years, besides Song Xiangsi, Lin s.h.i.+yi had never stopped her little tricks. No matter whether it was relying on male celebrities to generate her following, or to crush any female celebrities who threatened her place. In short, she hustled to the top. All until Qiao Anhao stole her role as the second female lead in "Alluring Times", that's when she started to have bad luck.

The swing incident left her with lingering fears and made her far more restrained, far more low key. In the end, she realized that not only were there no signs of her luck turning around, her commercial jobs had all been canceling on her for no reason these days. Even in the last interview, where she exposed her bra strap and let half her soft b.r.e.a.s.t.s spill out, hoping to have made the headlines with such a small move, nothing happened. The reporters who would always expose these entertainment rumors actually didn't bother actually taking any good photos of the event.

Lin s.h.i.+yi felt that her career was in danger, and so she thought of everything to kiss up to the powerful entertainment industry exes who she knew. In the end, it was like those people had gotten wind of something—they all completely avoided her.

In all the years Lin s.h.i.+yi has hustled in the entertainment industry, this was the first time where she experienced people ignoring her everyday and her plans falling ineffective.

The entertainment industry was not short in celebrities. If one person's rate of exposure was low, then people would forget about them soon after.

And so, Lin s.h.i.+yi felt that she needed to get a decent commercial. Even if someone was trying to make her slip up behind her back, they couldn't ruin her potential. So in the end, she turned to the only person she could meet, Producer Sun, knowing that he was preparing to film a major historical drama lately.

In the end, who knew that every time she would find him in the middle of the night, this old pervert would repeatedly play games with her. She was extremely cooperative, but after they had 'cooperated', he would say things she liked to hear, and yet would have no intention of acting on them.

Lin s.h.i.+yi could also feel that Producer Sun was messing with her. She dared to get mad but didn't dare say a word of it. And so, she could only do her best to please him.

Who knew if it was luck, or if the heavens had given her a path that would completely crush her, when she actually went to find Producer Sun, she found herself a fighting chance.

Lin s.h.i.+yi had the key card to Producer Sun's room, and so, in the middle of the night, she sneaked into his room in hopes of climbing into his bed to surprise him. She silently entered the room, and heard Producer Sun's voice.

"Out of these female celebrities, the only one I haven't played with is Song Xiangsi. I haven't touched her, and can't touch her because she's protected by the box office. Who doesn't treat her like a deity... Oh, don't even mention it. That one. Really pretty... prettier than Song Xiangsi. Innocent and clean. Moreover, you can just tell with one look that she's natural with no surgeries done... called something like Qiao Anhao... I'm definitely interested in her, but no matter how I try to seduce her, it doesn't work. Perhaps I can't get her, so I'm itching inside..."