Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Who Allowed You to Come In? (3)

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Chapter 23: Who Allowed You to Come In? (3)

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Some time passed before Qiao Anhao could get back to her senses from touching Lu Jinnian's lips. The man himself slept peacefully, probably due to the fever medicine.

Qiao Anhao secured the blanket around him and started reading the fever medicine manual. It stated that another pill should be taken if the fever persisted after four hours.

After four hours it would be 3 am...

Qiao Anhao wanted to set an alarm but was worried it would disturb Lu Jinnian's sleep, hence she decided to force herself to stay awake.

While waiting, she reached out to touch Lu Jinnian's forehead several times and felt his body temperature fall. After enduring the four long hours, it was finally 3 am. He was no longer burning but was still running a fever.

Qiao Anhao was worried that Lu Jinnian would start burning up once she fell asleep, so following the previous method, she fed him the medicine again.

The previous time she fed him medicine, she had left his lips immediately, but this time, she lingered greedily on his lips.

She lingered only for a few seconds before frantically lifting her head, breaking the contact. But as soon as she pushed away, she suddenly felt someone pulling her head down. Her lips were once again deeply entwined with Lu Jinnian's.

His high fever caused him to be delirious. He vaguely sensed that someone was taking care of him but yet it felt like a dream. Hazily, he felt someone stuff something into his mouth. It was bitter and a little dry and just as he was about to spit it out, he felt gentle, cushion like lips blocking his mouth.

It was a familiar feeling.

Qiao Anhao froze in fear, her mind blank. By the time she came back to her senses, they were already deep in the kiss. ...