Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 232

Chapter 232: She's The Only One You Can't Touch! (2)
Chapter 232: She's The Only One You Can't Touch! (2)

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
Lu Jinnian's eyes dimmed instantly.

The corridor outside the bathroom was silent, and since Song Xiangsi had raised her volume, Qiao Anxia could hear her. Her face fell the moment she heard the content, forgetting what she was about to say.

"What happened to Qiao Qiao?" she asked anxiously.

Lu Jinnian clenched his lips tightly as he threw his phone back into his pocket. Completely ignoring Qiao Anxia, he pushed her aside, taking large strides out.

Qiao Anxia fell backwards, hitting the wall. When she regained her balance, Lu Jinnian had already entered the lift. Pausing for about a second, she stood up and followed behind him in a hurry.

When the lift reached the ground floor, Qiao Anxia ran out towards the entrance. Just then, she saw Lu Jinnian pulling his assistant out of the car, throwing him aside. He climbed into the car, and without even fastening the seat belt, he slammed onto the accelerator, speeding off.

When the assistant finally regained his footing, he saw Qiao Anxia, who had chased after. Confused, he asked, "Miss Qiao, what happened to Mr. Lu?"

"Come to the car first!" Qiao Anxia pulled him into the cab she had just flagged. Ferociously, she order the driver, "Follow the Audi A8 in front with car plate ending with 88."

"That car? He's speeding though..."

Before the driver could finish, Qiao Anxia threw a wad of cash over at the driver. "DRIVE!"

The driver looked around at the cash that was all around, his expression dazed. Before he could think to say another word, Qiao Anxia had already removed her heel and was aiming the pointed edge towards his neck. " Are you going to start the car?"

The driver swallowed, slamming onto the accelerator, chasing after Lu Jinnian's car.

Qiao Anxia casually moved her heel aside, fastening it back onto her foot. Heel back in place, she explained to Lu Jinnian's assistant who was still in a daze, "Goddess Song called just now to inform him that Qiao Qiao has been taken away by Lin Shiyi!"

The minute Lu Jinnian came out of the elevator, he received another call from Song Xiangsi saying that someone saw Lin Shiyi's van in the car park of the crew's hotel; she was currently in her room. Lu Jinnian sped all the way back to the set.


Luckily, the roads were relatively empty as it was already late into the night. His car flew across the streets and a two hour journey was completed in less than half an hour. He stopped his car at the bottom of the hotel, and after pulling out the keys, he slammed the doors shut, entering the hotel.

There were several crew members who were on their way out, and when they saw Lu Jinnian, they moved to the side politely greeting him, "Mr. Lu."