Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 236

Chapter 236: She's The Only One You Can't Touch! (6)

Man? Qiao Anhao frowned deeper as she wrestled her eyes open. Even after staring at the person in front for a long while, she still could't register who he was.

But she knew from the scent that it definitely wasn't Lu Jinnian.

Qiao Anhao lifted her hands weakly, pus.h.i.+ng away the hands that were pulling at her swimsuit, but no matter how much she struggled, she couldn't inflict any harm on the man. Instead, her struggles seemed to tug at his heart, kindling a flame inside him. He couldn't resist any longer, lowering himself to kiss her face.

Qiao Anhao tilted her hand, hiding away from him. Drugged, her feeble struggles were useless even if a sense of disgust engulfed her.

Producer Sun tugged and fiddled with the swimsuit, but when it was almost completely removed, his phone rang.

He ignored it, but the ringing kept going on relentlessly. Standing up, he looked over in frustration, realizing that it was from his wife. He grabbed his phone hurriedly, hiding in the bathroom.

Even though she was out of sorts, Qiao Anhao was aware that she was in danger. The minute the man left the room, she tried to stand up, but the moment she did so, her body gave away, falling near the bed.

"Ah," she groaned from the impact. Without waiting, she lifted her hands to hold onto the table nearby, trying to pull herself up. She pulled and slowly staggered towards the door.

Her body was limp and her legs were numb, she had to use every ounce of strength in her body to take each step. When she finally reached the door, she could no longer support herself, kneeling on the floor.

Producer Sun ended the call swiftly and quickly returned to the bed only to realize that Qiao Anhao was no longer there. He rushed out of the bedroom and found her kneeling by the door. Smiling, he cooed "Darling" as he reached over to carry her.

At that moment, Qiao Anhao had exhausted all her strength and could only allow him to carry her without struggling, collapsing into his embrace

Her compliance ignited another fire within Producer Sun's heart, tugging at it relentlessly. He ran over to the bed impatiently and pounced onto her.

Qiao Anhao is in Producer Sun's room...

Lu Jinnian understood her words instantly.

It had been an hour since Qiao Anhao went missing and the hot spring was only half an hour away... This meant that she had been in his room for an hour....

One hour...

Lu Jinnian's fingers trembled as he reached for his phone to call the hotel manager, commanding for Producer Sun's room card.

The minute he reached the top floor, there was already a hotel staff there with the card. Lu Jinnian s.n.a.t.c.hed it over and signaled for the staff to lead him to Producer Sun's room.

As he tapped the card onto the door, his heart was beating rapidly, his fingers trembling uncontrollably. When he realized that the room was silent, he ran towards the bedroom.