Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 239

Chapter 239: She's The Only One You Can't Touch! (9)

When the a.s.sistant stood up, he grabbed Qiao Anxia, who stared at his hand, before rus.h.i.+ng behind Lu Jinnian.

When they reached the elevator, the door had just opened, Lu Jinnian entered hugging onto Qiao Anhao, ignoring the both of them.

His a.s.sistant pulled the dazed Qiao Anxia into the elevator before pressing the b.u.t.ton for the ground floor.

As soon as the elevator reached the ground floor, Lu Jinnian exited with Qiao Anhao while his a.s.sistant followed behind, rus.h.i.+ng to help him open the car door.

After Lu Jinnian was settled in the car with Qiao Anhao in his arms, his a.s.sistant shut the door and opened the pa.s.senger seat. He rushed Qiao Anxia into the car before hurriedly entering the driver seat and speeding off to the nearest hospital.

The a.s.sistant sped all the way as silence engulfed the car. No one said a word, and Qiao Anxia was still out of sorts, her mind in a frenzy. She stared at the road ahead in a daze for a long while before turning her eyes towards the rear mirror.

Through the mirror, she could see that Lu Jinnian still had the same protective stance, his hands tight around Qiao Anhao while her head rested weakly on his chest. Qiao Anhao's face was a deep shade of red.

Lu Jinnian seemed to be worried that her head would be uncomfortable in that position for he adjusted her, even arranging her disheveled hair one strand at a time. He was treating Qiao Anhao with utmost care, a gentleness that Qiao Anxia had never seen him show before, completely different from the monster that had inflicted pain on Producer Sun. He was even emitting tenderness that was at odds with his usual frosty demeanor.

Qiao Anxia felt her throat choke up and her eyes start to hurt, tears welling slightly. She wanted to avert her gaze, but no matter how hard she tried, her eyes were fixed on them.

When the car arrived at a hospital emergency department, Lu Jinnian left wordlessly, carrying Qiao Anhao. He didn't bother informing his a.s.sistant or Qiao Anxia, opening the door and walking towards the hospital doors.

His a.s.sistant parked the car and the both of them entered the hospital. By then, Lu Jinnian had already carried Qiao Anhao to the second floor.

Lu Jinnian kept Qiao Anhao in his arms as the doctors conducted checks, collected blood samples, took her temperature, and even when the doctors were inserting the IV drip, she was still in his arms. He didn't seem to want to let her go and after the IV drip was inserted, he looked up and instructed his a.s.sistant, "Get a set of clean clothes."

The a.s.sistant understood that he was referring to clothes meant for Qiao Anhao. He nodded his head wordlessly, leaving with the car keys. Before he left the room, he looked towards Qiao Anxia, who had remained silent all this while, asking, "Miss Qiao, do you need a ride back?"

Qiao Anxia shook her head.

Lu Jinnian's a.s.sistant smiled and nodded his head politely, leaving.

The hospital room was silent. Qiao Anxia clenched both sides of the chair, turning to look at Lu Jinnian, who was still holding Qiao Anhao. His gaze never once left the woman in his arms, as though there was no one else in the room.