Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 241

Chapter 241: Do You Know Who He Likes? (1)

"Is she okay? Is it serious?"

"I'm in the hospital now, everything's under control... Can you come get me... Yea, Nation Hospital."

Qiao Anxia hung up, turning towards the ward, but before she entered, she could see through the tiny gla.s.s window that Lu Jinnian was cleaning Qiao Anhao's body.

Qiao Anxia stopped in her tracks, her gaze fixed on the two of them.

Lu Jinnian's actions were serious and cautions, as though he wanted to remove all traces of Producer Sun but didn't want to hurt her.

After ensuring that she was clean, he reached for the set of clothes that his a.s.sistant had brought over. Even though Lu Jinnian had blocked her view of Qiao Anhao, Qiao Anxia could clearly tell from his back view that he was helping her change her clothes and his actions were definitely loving and gentle.

After changing her clothes, Lu Jinnian positioned Qiao Anhao on the bed comfortably before sitting down beside her. He stared at her sleeping face for a while before reaching out to caress her forehead, his long fingers tracing her brows longingly.

Just by looking at his profile, Qiao Anxia could see a tenderness and gentleness that had never once crossed his face in the many years she had known him.

In that instance, Qiao Anxia felt as though he was a stranger.

She stood still, as though paralyzed, not moving an inch. Just then, her phone vibrated, jolting her back to her senses. She lowered her head and saw an incoming call from Cheng Yang. Swiping right, his voice came through, "Xia Xia, I'm at the hospital entrance."

Qiao Anxia pulled herself together, replying softly, "I'm coming."

After she hung up, Qiao Anxia looked towards the ward one last time. Lu Jinnian lowered his head, softly pressing his lips onto Qiao Anhao's forehead. Qiao Anxia quickly averted her gaze, turning to leave without a word.

Before she descended the staircase, she b.u.mped into Lu Jinnian's a.s.sistant. "Miss Qiao, are you leaving?"

"Cheng Yang is here, I'll leave for today."

"Then good bye, Miss Qiao."

"Goodbye." Qiao Anxia smiled before walking down the stairs.

After entering Cheng Yang's car, Qiao Anxia shut her eyes after a short conversation. Sensing that she was tired, Cheng Yang stopped talking, removing his jacket to cover her.

He drove straight to his apartment in the city. After parking his car, he didn't wake Qiao Anxia, instead he carried her softly, bringing her up.

Cheng Yang placed her on his bed before tucking her in, making sure she was warm and comfortable. He lowered his head to kiss her before entering the bathroom.

Qiao Anxia shut her eyes, lying motionlessly on the bed. The minute she heard the shower turn on, she buried her face into the blanket, the image before she left the hospital clouding her mind.

Just a few hours ago, when she had b.u.mped into Lu Jinnian in the bathroom and had stopped him, she had wanted to get a confirmation on her suspicion, on whether Qiao Anhao was the girl he had been in-love with all this while.

But now... there was no longer a need.