Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 244

Chapter 244: Do You Know Who He Likes? (4)

Perhaps because Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao had grown closer recently—he wasn't as cold to her as before—she actually dreamed a dream she hadn't dared to after so many years - The picture of her and Lu Jinnian getting married...

In the dream, Lu Jinnian wore a dark suit in the ceremony—he was awfully handsome. All their close friends were there to give their most sincere blessings. Under their master of ceremonies' instructions, they gave their most devoted vows and exchanged rings. During a round of cheers, Lu Jinnian slowly lowered his head and kissed her...

His handsome face in front of her grew bigger, and she stared at his lips. Just as her lips were about to touch his, Qiao Anhao abruptly opened her eyes, waking up from her dream.

The world around her was silent. She blinked twice and realized that she was home, at Mian Xiu Garden. She creased her brows, groggily standing up. She surveyed the room for a second—there was no one besides her. The curtains weren't shut, so the sunlight from outside was awfully bright. It lit up half the room.

She remembered. Last night, she was at the hot spring resort, so how did she get back here in Mian Xiu Garden?

Qiao Anhao thought hard before realizing that she had forgotten a large portion of events that had happened last night.

She couldn't think of how that might have happened, so she thought that she might as well give up. Raising her head to look as the European style clock on the wall, she realized that it was almost afternoon, and there was a scene to shoot in the early afternoon. Suddenly, Qiao Anhao reached for her phone by the pillow. In the end, she didn't feel anything, so she circled the room. She had the habit of carrying her bag up, but it wasn't in the room either.

Confused, Qiao Anhao walked over to the bathroom and quickly washed her face. She went downstairs, circled the living room, looking all over.

Madam Chen, who had heard movement outside, came out from the kitchen and saw Qiao Anhao. She immediately gave her a warm smile and said, "Miss Qiao, are you awake?"

Qiao Anhao smiled gently at her and asked in bewilderment, "Madam Chen, have you seen my bag?"

Madam Chen shook her head and said, "Miss. Qiao, Mr. Lu carried you home in the morning. You didn't bring a bag."

Didn't bring a bag? Lu Jinnian carried her back?

Only then did Qiao Anhao lower her head to look down at the clothes she wore. She found herself in a brand new feminine cotton Chanel dress. She became even more confused. Why did Lu Jinnian carry her home?

Madam Chen saw Qiao Anhao just standing there on her own. With her delicate brows creased, she was clearly in a daze. Madam Chen thought about Lu Jinnian's orders in the morning. She immediately said, "Miss Qiao, Mr. Lu told me to cook congee. He told me to serve it when you wake up."

Qiao Anhao still felt like something must have happened last night, but she couldn't think of what. After hearing Madam Chen's voice, she flatly replied with an "Oh". She looked a little dazed as she walked into the dining room.

Madam Chen swiftly served the congee she had left to warm. She placed it in front of Qiao Anhao, as well as a few side dishes.

Qiao Anhao held the spoon and casually stirred the congee. Every now and then, she would lower her head to take a sip. In the end, she couldn't hold back her curiosity any longer and looked at Madam Chen who stood to one side, serving her. She asked, "Madam Chen, when Mr. Lu came back in the morning, did he say anything?"

"He told me to cook congee, as well as not to disturb your rest..."Madam Chen paused for a second, then added, "And for me to take good care of you."

"Nothing else?"

Madam Chen shook her head.

Qiao Anhao's heart was even more curious. She couldn't help but bite her spoon, wis.h.i.+ng to ask Madam Chen again, when, suddenly, the doorbell rang.