Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 248

Chapter 248: Do You Know Who He Likes? (8)

The call came from Xu Jiamu's mother, Han Ruchu.

After Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian got married, Han Ruchu rarely called her, but when she did, she needed Lu Jinnian to pretend to be Xu Jiamu.

Qiao Anhao grabbed her phone and walked towards the balcony. She opened the windows. The breezy night wind blew in. She casually picked up the phone, and said, "Aunt Xu."

Even though to outsiders it looked like she was already married to Xu Jiamu and should call Han Ruchu "Mom", as Xu Jiamu's wife, but they knew it was really an agreement. And so, when she was not acting, Qiao Anhao would always call Han Ruchu "Aunt Xu".

Han Ruchu's voice sounded dignified and contrived. At first, she showed Qiao Anhao some care, "Qiao Qiao, have you eaten dinner?"

"Yes, I have," Qiao Anhao answered politely. She also politely asked in reply, "Aunt Xu, and you?"

"I'm waiting for your Uncle Xu to come back so we can eat dinner together." Han Ruchu finished being courteous and went straight to the point. "Qiao Qiao, next Friday is Xu Jiamu's birthday. Do you still remember?"

Qiao Anhao knew it was Xu Jiamu's birthday, but a lot of things had happened lately, and so she hadn't paid much attention to the date. With Han Ruchu's reminder, she suddenly remembered, "Yeah, I remember."

"Xu Jiamu's birthday party must be well managed, so please inform him."

Qiao Anhao naturally knew who she meant by 'he', but actually, Qiao Anhao was always p.i.s.sed off by this. Lu Jinnian clearly had a name. Why did Han Ruchu have to replace his name with 'him' or 'he', as though he was insignificant? As though he was something disgusting, and something she hated to call.

"I understand." Though Qiao Anhao was annoyed, she still responded with politely.

"That'll be all. I'm hanging up."

"Okay. Bye, Aunt Xu."

"Goodbye." When Han Ruchu finished speaking, she immediately hung up.

After hearing the "doot doot doot" from her phone, Qiao Anhao brought her phone down and stared at the screen for a while. She hesitated whether to call Lu Jinnian to tell him the news or to just leave him a text message.

Before Qiao Anhao could decide, she suddenly received a notification on WeChat. It was sent by Zhao Meng.

"Qiao Qiao, I just heard from one of the staff members from the crew that she heard from the hotel staff that Producer Sun's a.s.sistant took him to the hospital last night. Also, he was hurt pretty bad. Lots of things in his room were smashed. There was a lot of blood on the floor, shattered gla.s.s, and the coffee table was kicked over."

Having heard this news, Qiao Anhao blanked out. Before she could even reply, Zhao Meng sent a new voice message. Qiao Anhao clicked it and heard Zhao Meng's voice say, "Qiao Qiao, let me tell you... Producer Sun was definitely beat up by Mr. Lu. Last night, Mr. Lu came into his room to rescue you, so I must be right!"

When Qiao Anhao heard Zhao Meng's voice message, another one was sent over. "Also, Qiao Qiao, I just heard someone say that it wasn't Producer Sun who wanted to pull out his investment. Mr. Lu wanted Producer Sun kicked out of the 'Alluring Times' crew. They say that he was arguing with Huan Ying Entertainment's board of directors all day today. In the end, he was adamant on forcing Producer Sun to pull out!"