Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 249

Chapter 249: Do You Know who He Likes? (9)

"Holy sh*t, Mr. Lu is so arrogant and reckless! A billion! A billion yuan investment. He said he'd kick, and so he just kicks! The world of the wealthy... I just don't get it!"

Qiao Anhao didn't reply to Zhao Meng's messages, her friend complained on her own. Seeing as she sent so many messages with no reply, she stopped sending anymore.

Qiao Anhao gripped her phone where she stood on the balcony for quite a long time. Then she lifted her finger, opened WeChat, and listened to each and every one of Zhao Meng's messages again.

In the afternoon, she wasn't sure that Lu Jinnian had done all of that for her, but now, she was pretty sure of it.

From Zhao Meng's messages, she could hear that Lu Jinnian fought Producer Sun when he saved her last night. She couldn't imagine what it would possibly look like for such a heartlessly cold man to physically fight someone. Her racing heart hastened without reason.

Lin s.h.i.+yi's scandals were everywhere, and Producer Sun was kicked out of "Alluring Times's" production crew... It was just like what Zhao Meng said, a billion yuan investment. He said he'd kick, and so he just kicks! That's definitely daring, and so arrogant!

Qiao Anhao couldn't help but tightly grip her phone. Actually, it wasn't like Lu Jinnian had never helped her in the past.

When Lin s.h.i.+yi made things difficult at "Alluring Times's" first dinner party, his one word helped her get out of it.

When Lin s.h.i.+yi took photos of her in his room and exposed them on Weibo, he was the one who asked Song Xiangsi for help.

When she fell down from the faulty swing, he was the one who selflessly leaped in to catch her.

After all the times he had helped her, she had never felt as shaken up and moved from the bottom of her heart as this one. In those instances he would have helped everyone the same, but this time, she could say for sure that Lu Jinnian was protecting her.

This confirmation made Qiao Anhao's heart grow instantly wild.

She had never thought that she would ever be protected by such an unbelievably cold man. Though she didn't know why he protected her, deep down inside, she was moved, happy, and satisified.

Qiao Anhao, who had hesitated just a moment ago whether to call or send him a text message, suddenly, really wanted to see Lu Jinnian.

She tightly grasped the phone, a little nervous. Then she took a deep breath, looked for Lu Jinnian's number, and made the call.

Darkness shrouded Huan Ying Entertainment tower.

Each and every member of the board of directors wore scowling expressions on their faces as they left the meeting room with cold looks.

Song Xiangsi only came out from her own office when everyone had left. She stood in the empty hall for a while. Then went to the break room and made a cup of coffee. Carrying her coffee, she walked over to Lu Jinnian's office...

Song Xiangsi knocked on the door. She didn't hear a peep from inside, and so after a minute, she pushed the door open and walked right in.

Lu Jinnian stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. He stared at the city lights outside, about to light up a cigarette. In that moment, he had shed the intense and rude aura he'd possessed in the meeting room. All that was left was his usual aura of cold and pride.

He clearly knew that someone had entered the office but didn't react in the slightest.

Song Xiangsi put her coffee to one side of the table. With her high heels, she walked over to Lu Jinnian's side. She traced his eyes towards the night sky in front of them for a while before saying, "That billion yuan investment... You thought of a plan on how to get it yet?"