Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 257

Chapter 257: Do You Know Who He Likes? (17)

When Qiao Anxia was about to pay, she turned and saw Qiao Anhao leaning over the counter, staring at something. Qiao Anxia t.i.tled her head slightly and saw her pointing at an elegant tie clips.

Qiao Anxia couldn't keep her laughter in. "Qiao Qiao, isn't one present enough? How many presents are you going to get Xu Jiamu?"

Qiao Anhao smiled back at her as she received the neck tie from the counter staff with her hands. She looked down to inspect the tie clips for awhile before turning to look at Qiao Anxia. Holding up the necktie to her own chest, she asked, "How is it?"

Qiao Anxia took two steps back, studying Qiao Anhao. After a short pause, she nodded slowly. "It's good."

Qiao Anhao lowered her head again to scrutinise the necktie once more before nodding her head in satisfaction. The more she looked at it, the more pleased she was with her choice, she started to imagine how Lu Jinnian would look.

Qiao Anxia looked on impatiently, hurrying her, "Qiao Qiao, are you done?"

Qiao Anhao pa.s.sed the tie clips over to the counter staff. "I would like to get this."

The counter staff smiled slightly as she nodded. "Would you like to pay together or separately?"

Qiao Anxia took out her wallet and pulled out a black card. Without even thinking, she replied generously, "Together."

"Separate." Qiao Anhao reached out to block Qiao Anxia's hand as she smiled warmly at the staff. She turned back to look at Qiao Anxia. "Sis, it'll be better for me to pay for a present myself."

Qiao Anxia seemed slightly irritated. "Suit yourself."

She turned turned back to pa.s.s her card to the staff. "Charge my item then, there isn't a pa.s.sword."

The staff smiled politely as she reached over to take the card to make payment. Afterwards, she packed Qiao Anxia's item into a bag and pa.s.sed it back to her. Pointing towards the customer service counter at the exit, the staff continued, "Miss, if it's a gift, you could go there to get a card and your gift wrapped."

Qiao Anxia smiled slightly as she nodded in acknowledgement. Reaching over to grab the bag, she tilted her head towards Qiao Anhao. "I'll go over to take a look first." She then walked away.

After settling the bill, Qiao Anhao walked over as well. She picked out two exquisite boxes and pa.s.sed it to the staff, informing her in which box to place which gift. The red box was for Xu Jiamu and the blue box was for the tie clips.

Qiao Anxia who was writing her blessing at the side asked curiously, "Qiao Qiao, isn't both presents for Xu Jiamu? Why do you need to separate them?"

Qiao Anhao's fingers trembled slightly before she resumed writing the birthday card. After writing 'Happy Birthday', she replied lightly, "I have a friend in the filming crew with the same birthday."

Initially, Qiao Anhao had wanted to tell Qiao Anxia that it was for Lu Jinnian, but when she remembered that Qiao Anxia was rejected by Lu Jinnian a month ago, she couldn't bring herself to tell her, afraid that she would be upset.