Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 259

Chapter 259: Do You Know Who He Likes? (19)
Chapter 259: Do You Know Who He Likes? (19)

Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

After ordering coffee, Qiao Anhao reached for her phone and went on Taobao to pick out balloons and some pretty decorative items whilst she was at it. She felt immediately excited, seeing as she could ama.s.s all different types of pretty candles. With her head tilted, she thought about what she wanted to write on the bedroom floor.

After thinking about it for a long time, in the end, Qiao Anhao thought of the most simple words: Lu Jinnian, Happy Birthday.

And so, she sent those words off to the store with the dimensions of the bedroom floor. The store took a moment to estimate it all, then told Qiao Anhao just about how many candles she needed.

Following the store's instructions, she made her order.

There needs to be a birthday cake to celebrate a birthday... Qiao Anhao finished shopping for the decorations. She originally wanted to go order a cake from Black Swan, but once she exited Taobao, she saw an advert for handmade cakes. She blinked, hesitating, but finally gave in. She followed the advert and entered the store. Inside, she bought all of the equipment needed to bake a cake, an oven, and ingredients; she was ready to personally bake a cake for Lu Jinnian's birthday.

When Qiao Anhao finished paying, she thought about her perfect idea and her lips couldn't help but curve upwards.

Stunned by Qiao Anhao's beauty, every now and then, Qiao Anxia would stare at her for a while. She wasn't sure if it was her mind playing games on her, but the more she examined her cousing, the more beautiful and flawless she looked from all 365 degrees round. Her beauty was definitely worth a second look.

Qiao Anxia saw that Qiao Anhao was always playing with her phone. Every now and then, she would also let out a silly laugh, which prompted Qiao Anxia to not be able not to ask, "What's got you so happy?"

When Qiao Anhao heard Qiao Anxia's words, she raised her head and stared at her with curved brows. Then she bit on her straw and drank some juice. With a cheerful smile, she said, "I bought some things off Taobao."

"You good-for-nothing! How is this something to be so happy over," Qiao Anxia teased, doubtful. She lowered her head and glanced over at her own phone. A notification from QQ popped up. Qiao Anxia casually clicked it open and saw news of Lu Jinnian's new film in cooperation with Hollywood.

The news published a photo of Lu Jinnian's close-up. His handsome eyes and cold expression were celestial.

Qiao Anxia stared at it for a good long while before diverting her eyes to Qiao Anhao. She said, "Lu Jinnian is just becoming bigger and bigger. Not only does he own the film industry in mainland China, but now he's entering Hollywood."

Qiao Anhao had also seen the news sent in the WeChat group. When she heard Qiao Anxia's words, her lips curved into a smile, and she said to Qiao Anxia, "Yeah."

Back in university, when Qiao Anhao was in Beijing and Lu Jinnian was in Hangzhou, she missed him, yet she couldn't brazenly contact him, so she had thought of all these ways to send him texts or QQ messages.

Even now, when Qiao Anhao saw the headlines, she was just as sneaky and hesitant as she was before, sending Lu Jinnian a message, [The news say that you'll be working with Hollywood on your new film. Is that true?]

Lu Jinnian quickly replied to Qiao Anhao's message with just a simple one word reply, [Yeah.]

But even so, it suddenly felt to Qiao Anhao like they had gone back to the beautiful times of their youth.