Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 262

Chapter 262: My Birthday Present To You (2)

The a.s.sistant was stunned. Lu Jinnian stood up. As he put on a jacket, he said in a cold tone, "I'm taking the car. Come directly to the office tomorrow morning. You don't have to go to Mian Xiu Garden."

Without waiting for his a.s.sistant to react, Lu Jinnian pulled open his office door and left straight away.

Perhaps it was because Qiao Anhao had drank a lot of juice, she had to go to the restroom. On her way there, she dug through her bag for tissue. While searching, she realised that she forgot to bring her phone. She hastily turned back. But as she needed to go, she hesitated for a moment, then turned right back into the restroom.

Just two minutes after Qiao Anhao left, the phone on the table started to ring.

Qiao Anxia looked up and saw the three words "Lu Jinnian" appear on the screen. She hesitated for a moment, not picking up the call.

The phone automatically hung up, but after thirty seconds, Lu Jinnian dialled again. Qiao Anxia raised her head and looked at Qiao Anhao's phone a few times. The fourth time Lu Jinnian called, she finally reached for it and picked it up, "It's me."

Hearing Qiao Anxia through the phone, Lu Jinnian creased his brows and didn't say a word.

Qiao Anxia waited for half a minute before saying, "Qiao Qiao's in the restroom. If there's something urgent, I'll get her to call you back when she gets back."

"No, it's fine." Lu Jinnian's voice sounded neutral through the phone. "I'm already at parking block B on the lower floor of the mall. In a bit, come down."

"Okay." Qiao Anxia stopped for a moment, then said, "Goodbye". With that, she hung up. Just as she was about to put Qiao Anhao's phone back on the table, she saw two s.h.i.+pping notifications from Taobao pop up on the phone screen.

Qiao Anxia instantly thought about how ecstatic Qiao Anhao looked sitting there just now and couldn't help her curiosity about what she bought, and so she casually clicked it.

A bunch of cake baking equipment and a bunch of balloons, and candles.

Was this the surprise she wanted to give Xu Jiamu?

Qiao Anxia couldn't help but chuckle, she then swiped down to Taobao's chat log. As a result, she saw the name "Lu Jinnian". Qiao Anxia furrowed her brows and scrolled right to the top and took a serious read at Qiao Anhao and the seller's conversation. When she saw Qiao Anhao send the seller the phrase, "Lu Jinnian, Happy Birthday", she finally understood. So it turns out, these things that Qiao Anhao bought weren't for Xu Jiamu's birthday, but to celebrate Lu Jinnian's birthday...

Qiao Anxia couldn't help but glance over at the two gift boxes opposite her. She thought about what Qiao Anhao had said to her about a friend in the crew celebrating their birthday in two days. That friend... was it Lu Jinnian?

The hand Qiao Anxia used to clutch Qiao Anhao's phone couldn't help but clench harder. With her fingers on the screen, some other apps repeatedly popped up and closed endlessly.

As Qiao Anxia calmed down, she lowered her head and looked at Qiao Anhao's phone. She realised that her finger was randomly hitting things on the phone. Qiao Anhao's photo gallery unexpectedly opened.

There weren't many photos in Qiao Anhao's photo, but one of them caught Qiao Anxia's full attention.