Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 264

Chapter 264: My Birthday Present To You (4)
Chapter 264: My Birthday Present To You (4)

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Qiao Anxia seemed to have been affected by the photo; she could sense a hint of anticipation on Qiao Anhao's face as she smiled.

Qiao Anxia arranged her expression before settling the bill. When they were both in the lift, she casually asked, "Qiao Qiao, is Jiamu treating you well?"

It was not the first time that Qiao Anxia had asked her this question. Qiao Anhao tilted her head to the side, her voice cajoling. "Sis, you have asked this question many times after I got married."

"I'm just worried that you aren't happy."

Initially, she was indeed worried that because of something she did, she had caused her unhappiness, but this time, she had asked to find out if what was happening between her and Lu Jinnian was because she was mistreated.

Qiao Anhao's smile grew warmer with Qiao Anxia's concern. Even though she was well aware that she didn't marry Xu Jiamu, she still decided to lie to make Qiao Anxia feel better. " Why won't I be happy? Jiamu has always treated me well, you're a witness to that."

Qiao Anxia had wanted to ask her why she would betray him if he treated her well... but she wasn't able to say such harsh words to Qiao Anhao, afraid that she would feel embarrassed, harming their relationship. In the end, she asked once more, "Really?"

"Really." Qiao Anhao wasn't aware of Qiao Anxia's thoughts, so she smiled sweetly at her, reaffirming her doubts.

Qiao Anxia stared at Qiao Anhao for a long while, only when they reached the ground floor and the elevator doors open did she nod her head slightly. "Then all's good."

She then couldn't help adding, "Qiao Qiao, I really hope that you have a happy marriage."

Qiao Anhao's marriage was just a show, a show that would continue till the day Xu Jiamu woke up. But who knew when that would be... Till then, she could only keep up the facade, pretending to be in a fake marriage.

She turned to smile at Qiao Anxia once more. "Sis, you don't have to worry about me, I'll definitely live a blissful marriage. You should be worrying about yourself, you should really consider Cheng Yang."

Qiao Anxia curled her lips into a smile, remaining silent. From the corner of her eyes, she could see Lu Jinnian's car.


Lu Jinnian chose the dinner location. They had light cantonese food in an exquisite restaurant with elegant decor. In the large room, there were only the three of them. Halfway through their dinner, someone came in with a violin to play a short tune.

After dinner, it was already 10 pm. There weren't many cars on the street and since both Qiao Anhao and Qiao Anxia didn't drive, Lu Jinnian sent Qiao Anxia home. Qiao Anxia had originally wanted to return back home, but Cheng Yang called halfway and she went to his apartment instead.

After dropping her off, Lu Jinnian started his car once more.