Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 270

Chapter 270: My Birthday Present To You (10)
Chapter 270: My Birthday Present To You (10)

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
Lu Jinnian's car windows were down. When Qiao Anhao reached the car, a wide grin spread across her face, and she asked him sweetly, "You're back?""

Lu Jinnian didn't respond, he just glanced at her briefly before turning his head away to look straight ahead. His perfect features was calm without any a trace of emotion, his entire body giving off a frosty, distant vibe.

Sensing his bad mood, Qiao Anhao quickly hid her smile, asking cautiously, "What's wrong?"

When Lu Jinnian heard her speak, he tilted his head slightly, glancing at her through the rearview mirror, his fingers squeezing the steering wheel. Just one glance, and he abruptly pulled out the car keys and pushed open the doors to leave the car.

Lu Jinnain took large strides into the house, without even glancing at Qiao Anhao.

She hurriedly followed behind him. By the time she entered the house, he had already changed into house slippers and was removing his jacket.

Qiao Anhao slowed down, stopping about half a metre behind Lu Jinnian. In a small voice, she asked, "Have you eaten dinner? Do you want some food?"

Lu Jinnain ignored her, continuing to remove his jacket. He casually threw it onto the sofa before walking up the stairs.

Qiao Anhao took her phone from the sofa before following after him. At the entrance of the bedroom door, she asked him again, "Do you want to bath? It'll help you relax after a long day."

Lu Jinnian continued to ignore her as he walked out of the room.

Qiao Anhao touched her cheeks in confusion before running after him again. "It's late, aren't you going to rest?"

Lu Jinnian pushed open the study room door and entered as though Qiao Anhao hadn't spoken. Before she could react, he slammed the door, shutting her out of the room.

Qiao Anhao looked at the tightly shut door. She turned the knob unconsciously, realizing it was locked.

She frowned, not understanding the situation. Why was he in such a bad mood?

Qiao Anhao stood outside the study room for a while before walking to the bedroom. She chewed on her fingers as she pondered. Just then, she remembered Lu Jinnian telling his assistant that there wasn't much point in celebrating his birthday.

She clearly remembered the loneliness and despair on his face when he had said that.

Today is his birthday, is that why he's so moody?

Qiao Anhao ran to her side of the bed, pulling open the cupboard to take the blue gift box out.

She had wanted to give it to him after she had prepared everything, but now, he had locked himself in the study room...

Qiao Anhao bit her lip, standing up to get the backup keys Madam Chen had left, ten went back up.


"Qiao Qiao, Qiao Qiao, Qiao Qiao!"

Qiao Anxia shouted three times before sitting up on her bed violently.