Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 275

Chapter 275: My Birthday Present To You (15)

Lu Jinnian wanted to say something, but it was like something was stuck in his throat. He opened his mouth to speak, but he couldn't make a sound.

He stared at Qiao Anhao for a long time before trying hard to suppress the impact of her three "Happy Birthday"s to him. Even so, even if he tried to sound cold on purpose, there was still a hint of a tremble in his voice. "How did you know that today's my birthday?"

Whoops... She had only wanted to buy him a birthday present and give him a surprise. Yet she forgot she found out about his birthday by eavesdropping.

Qiao Anhao's face flushed slightly, and she bit the corner of her lip. She awkwardly drew her pursed lips back, honestly revealing, "The day before yesterday, when I was going to call you for dinner, I accidentally overheard your conversation with your a.s.sistant..."

At this point, Qiao Anhao lifted her eyes and a.n.a.lysed Lu Jinnian's expression. When she realized that it hadn't changed much, she summoned her courage to continue the rest of her story. "So then, that's how I knew about your birthday."

As she said that last sentence, Qiao Anhao's voice grew quieter and quieter, until at the very last word it disappeared. But Lu Jinnian understand what she meant.

So when his a.s.sistant complained that it was also his birthday on Friday, she stood outside the study room.

For the first time in Lu Jinnian's life, he felt that having a talkative and fussy a.s.sistant wasn't such a bad idea.

Qiao Anhao couldn't hear Lu Jinnian's thoughts, so she lifted her eyelids and sneaked a peak at him.

There weren't big changes in his expression. Only the deepest part of his eyes seemed to be reeling with emotions, and yet it didn't.

Behind Lu Jinnian's cold expression, Qiao Anhao couldn't quite grasp if he was or wasn't upset. And so, to win his favor, she lifted the gift box a little higher, proudly saying, "This is my birthday present to you. I chose it whilst shopping with Xia Xia in the afternoon the day before yesterday."

Lu Jinnian blinked softly. His pitch-black pupils calmly looked at Qiao Anhao for a moment. Then he reached his arms out and took the box from her hands.

n.o.body noticed his fingertips trembling.

As though to control his own emotions, Lu Jinnian asked for the first time, "What is it?"

When Qiao Anhao heard Lu Jinnian's question, she relaxed completely. Seeing his eyes slightly soften up, her mood also became more cheerful, and she said cutely, "Presents are more meaningful if you don't know what they are before you open."

"Really?" Lu Jinnian asked light heartedly in return. His slender fingers hooked open the seal, and then he ripped open the packaging. This revealed a golden velvet box, and he opened it. There was a striking tie pin inside.

Under the lights of the house, the small diamonds in the tiling above reflected the light and shot directly at Lu Jinnian's eyes, causing them to, for some reason, start to heat up.

When he was with his mother, his standard of living wasn't great, so from where would there be extra money left over to get him a present? The cake was even secretly taken from the night club his mother worked at. That was probably the only present he had ever received.

Since his mother pa.s.sed away, n.o.body had paid attention to his birthday, so even he stopped caring about it.

But he never imagined that there would actually be a day when he would receive such an exquisite and touching present.

Not to mention, the present was given to him by the woman he had loved for so many years.