Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 278

Chapter 278: My Birthday Present To You (18)

The next day, when Lu Jinnian woke up, Qiao Anhao was still asleep. He prepared quietly, making sure not to disturb her before leaving for work.

At the door, he turned and saw her still deep asleep, and he pondered for awhile before taking large strides towards the bed. Staring down at her, he lowered his head to kiss her temples before tugging the blanket around her. Satisfied, he walked out of the bedroom.

While he was searching for his car keys in his pockets, he felt the box that he had deliberately brought along in the morning. Sitting in the car, he paused momentarily before removing the tie clips from the box. Looking at the rear mirror, he attached the tie clips before driving off in satisfaction.

When Qiao Anhao woke up, it was close to 11 am in the morning, but because she had slept late the night before, she still felt sleepy. She widened her eyes before turning back to hug the blankets, preparing to sleep more. But after closing her eyes for half a minute, she jolted awake, remembering her plans.

She turned to look at the time before rus.h.i.+ng to prepare herself.

When she came down, Madam Chen had already prepared lunch. Qiao Anhao hurriedly filled her stomach, then pulled Madam Chen upstairs to help her blow the balloons to decorate the room.

Qiao Anhao deliberately moved the flower racks in the balcony aside, and with Madam Chen's help, she started arranging the candles she had bought.

Even though it was just a simple "Happy Birthday Lu Jinnian", the two of them struggled for two hours.

After decorating the room, Qiao Anhao looked around to inspect the decor. Satisfied, she got Madam Chen to bring all her baking supplies to the kitchen.

Ever since she was young, Qiao Anhao had never set foot in the kitchen, much less to say bake a cake. This was the first time in her life that she was making it, and it was indeed an uphill task. Luckily, Madam Chen was experienced, and with her guidance, she was able to finish baking a simple cheese cake.

After waiting for the cake to cool, she started to add a layer of b.u.t.tercream while instructing Madam Chen to cut some fresh fruits for the cake. Lastly, in the empty s.p.a.ce in the middle, she used red cream to write an almost illegible "Happy Birthday".

Qiao Anhao inspected the cake, the taste was still unknown, but it's appearance was pa.s.sable. Pleased with her product, she hid the cake in the freezer section.

Madam Chen smiled and started to wash up. "Mrs. Lu, Mr. Lu will definitely be happy with your surprise!"

Qiao Anhao's lips curled into crescents as she grinned happily, staring at the cake in the freezer. Turning back to Madam Chen, she instructed, "Madam Chen, why don't you take the day off today? You can come back tomorrow afternoon."

Madam Chen understood instantly. "Yes, yes! How could I forget! If it's Mr. Lu's birthday, you must not want to be disrupted. I'll leave after packing up."

Qiao Anhao smiled in embarra.s.sment. "Thank you Madam Chen."

Madam Chen waved her hands, packing up swiftly before leaving.