Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 279

Chapter 279: My Birthday Present To You (19)
Chapter 279: My Birthday Present To You (19)

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After Madam Chen left, Qiao Anhao realized that Xu Jiamu's dinner celebration was about to begin. She hurriedly rushed upstairs to prepare herself.

That night, Lu Jinnian had to attend the dinner celebration as Xu Jiamu. His assistant cleared his schedule for the evening, pushing everything forward. Ever since he entered the office, he had been so busy he had to eat packed food for lunch.

Every Friday, Huan Ying Entertainment would have a meeting at 3 pm in the afternoon, but today, it was brought up by an hour.

By the time the meeting ended, it was already 3 pm. When Lu Jinnian came out of his office, he coincidentally passed by Cheng Yang's office.

Since Qiao Anxia had to attend Xu Jiamu's dinner, she specifically came over to Huan Ying Entertainment to get Cheng Yang so the both of them could go together.

Cheng Yang's office was open, but he wasn't inside, leaving Qiao Anxia alone with her phone. When she heard footsteps passing, she looked up and saw Lu Jinnian walking past.

After about two steps, Lu Jinnian stopped. His assistant, who was following behind, stopped as well. He didn't understand why he had stopped, asking,"Mr. Lu?"

Lu Jinnian's eyes darkened slightly before he faintly instructed, "Wait in my office, I have something to do."

"Yes," the assistant replied, leaving.

Lu Jinnian wanted for his assistant to leave before turning to walk back, standing in front of Cheng Yang's office.

Qiao Anxia froze momentarily, not expecting Lu Jinnian to return. She placed her phone down and looked up at him without moving. After about five seconds, she asked, "Yes?"

Lu Jinnian didn't reply, instead he walked wordlessly into Cheng Yang's office. When he was about one metre away from her, he stopped, fishing for the voice recorder in his pocket. Without even looking at Qiao Anxia, he tossed it at her, then turned to walk out the door.

Qiao Anxia looked at the voice recorder he had tossed, pursing her lips. She reached for it shouting out, "Lu Jinnian."

Lu Jinnian stopped, but he didn't turn around.

Qiao Anxia walked over in her heels and held the voice recorder in front of his face. She asked, "You heard the contents, didn't you?"

Lu Jinnian remained calm, not planning to respond.

But from his expression, Qiao Anxia could tell that he had heard it. This meant that he knew that Qiao Anhao and Xu Jiamu were in love...

Just then, she spotted the tie clip on Lu Jinnian's tie.

It was from Qiao Anhao!

Even after he found out that she loves Xu Jiamu, he didn't get mad?

He even accepted her present and placed it on his tie...

What did that mean? He wasn't going to give up even though he knew they were in love?

Qiao Anxia turned serious. "If you heard the contents, you should know that QIao Qiao and Xu Jiamu are in love."