Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 281

Chapter 281: Did I Disappoint You?(1)

Qiao Anhao wanted to give Lu Jinnian a surprise, so she didn't want him to enter the house. She got everything together and stood by the floor mirror. After a quick check, she grabbed her handbag and walked over to Mian Xiu Garden's doors.

She waited for almost fifteen minutes before she saw Lu Jinnian's car turned in from a distant crossing.

Coincidentally, the sun was setting in the west, covering the entire mansion in red. With the red sunlight reflecting off of Mian Xiu Garden's white walls, the mansion looked like an utopia.

Just as Lu Jinnian drove in, he saw Qiao Anhao standing outside the fences. The multi-colored j.a.panese roses on the fence were just in bloom. Under the radiance of the sunset and fresh flowers, he saw her wearing a long peach-colored dress, her skin snowy white and long black hair falling to her waist.

The image was so beautiful, it had to be something from a fantasy.

Lu Jinnian looked like he was in a daze until Qiao Anhao, who stood by the side of the road, waved at him. He blinked, snapping back to reality, and hurriedly stepped on the break; the car still drove about three meters past Qiao Anhao.

Just as Lu Jinnian was getting ready to bring the car around, Qiao Anhao walked over in her high heels. She bent down first to see Lu Jinnian through the car window, opened the door, and then got in.

Before coming to pick Qiao Anhao, Lu Jinnian had already dressed in a navy and fixed his hair to Xu Jiamu's favorite hairstyle. He stuck many fake scars on his face and drew on Xu Jiamu's usual brows. He had a complete makeover.

Xu Jiamu was a pampered and spoiled young master, and Lu Jinnian had a cold and antisocial aura about him. Even if they really did look similar, they seemed like very different people, and so it was really difficult for others to catch the deceit.

If Qiao Anhao didn't know it was Lu Jinnian pretending to be Xu Jiamu, who she had grown up with, it would have been difficult to tell this "Xu Jiamu" in front of her was an impostor.

Xu Jiamu's birthday party was held at the Xu family mansion, which wasn't too far away from Mian Xiu Garden. Even though it was after work hours, with a little traffic, it took no more than forty minutes to reach the Xu family mansion.

The birthday party was meant to start at eight in the evening. It was just seven, so there was still an hour to go. The guests hadn't arrived yet, and the large courtyard remained peacefully empty.

Lu Jinnian randomly found an empty s.p.a.ce and parked his car. Then he and Qiao Anhao walked to the door. Like a gentleman, Lu Jinnian pressed the doorbell. After less than ten seconds, the sound of someone unlocking the doors was heard. The door opened, and there stood Xu family's housekeeper, who had served the family for many years. He claimed that he came from the Han family, ever since Han Ruchu married into the family.

The housekeeper moved aside to let Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian in, then screamed into the house, "Sir, Madam, Miss Anhao is here."

Clearly, both Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian stood outside the door, but the housekeeper only mentioned Qiao Anhao.

As they went around the entrance, Qiao Anhao was greeted by Han Ruchu.

Han Ruchu wore an off-the-shoulder dress, a large ruby necklace, and an up-do. She looked elegant and extravagant. Just like the housekeeper, she only spoke of Qiao Anhao. "Qiao Qiao, you're here?"

She grabbed onto Qiao Anhao's hand and enthusiastically linked arms with her into the house. From the very start, she never even glanced at Lu Jinnian, who stood beside Qiao Anhao. It was as though he was air.