Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 282

Chapter 282: Did I Disappoint You? (2)

As Han Ruchu waved Qiao Anhao over to sit down, she also ordered the housekeeper to prepare tea. Without any intention of waving Lu Jinnian to sit down, she turned to look at Qiao Anhao and smiled graciously. She asked with care, "Qiao Qiao, how have you been recently? Has filming been tiring?"

"No." Qiao Anhao pursed her lips, and thanked her again, politely.

"That's good. If you're tired, stop filming. Say you don't want to work for the Qiao family, I can arrange for you to join the Xu family..." Midway through Han Ruchu's words, the housekeeper brought a tray over. On it were three steaming cups of tea.

The housekeeper firstly placed a cup in front of Han Ruchu, then another cup in front of Qiao Anhao. The final cup was left on the table, but they didn't bother to offer Lu Jinnian a drink. It was as though the final cup was just for show.

Qiao Anhao thanked the housekeeper in a low voice, before replying to what Han Ruchu had just said. "I like filming, so please, you don't have worry about me."

"Since you like it, then do as you please." Han Ruchu's red lips curled into a smile, and she took the cup in front of her.

Qiao Anhao gave her a warm smile. From the corner of her eye, she saw Lu Jinnian standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. His demeanor was neutral as he stared out the window. Who would know what he was thinking about.

Qiao Anhao gently creased her brows, then remembered that ever since they walked in till now, Han Ruchu was fixated on her. She didn't care at all for Lu Jinnian. Even the servants of this house didn't bother to offer him a seat.

There were no outsiders in the house, so everyone knew it was Lu Jinnian impersonating Xu Jiamu. Qiao Anhao didn't bother playing along, and directly called his name, "Lu Jinnian?"

Lu Jinnian, who was staring out the window, heard Qiao Anhao's voice but only slightly turned his head. His eyes fell on her. He didn't say a word, but looked over, puzzled.

Qiao Anhao waved at him and patted the empty seat next to her. In a soft voice, she said, "Why are you standing over there? Come sit?"

With a cup in hand, when Han Ruchu heard Qiao Anhao's words, her expression froze. For just a second, a hint of avoidance and disgust flashed across her eyes. Then she smiled with her eyes and took a sip of her tea with a relaxed posture.

Despite Han Ruchu's expression, for an instant, her eyes clearly met Lu Jinnian's. 

Back when he was young, he'd seen the same expression on Han Ruchu's face the first time she met him - hatred and disdain.

After all these years, she hadn't changed.

Lu Jinnian's expression didn't change at all, as though he was long used to it by now. His composed eyes jumped off of Han Ruchu's face and into Qiao Anhao's pitch-black pupils. He blinked gently and said in low voice, "There's no need."

He didn't wait for Qiao Anhao to say anything more and turned around and continued to look out the window.

Han Ruchu curved the corner of her lips into a grin when she heard Lu Jinnian's words. She then took a few more sips of tea and turned her head. With a sincere smile, she continued to chat with Qiao Anhao about everyday life.

Out of respect and good manners, Qiao Anhao chatted with Han Ruchu, but every now and then, she would look over at Lu Jinnian from the corner of her eyes.

He was very quiet. So quiet in fact, if he wasn't sneaking a glance at her from time to time, you wouldn't know that there was a person standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window.