Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 285

Chapter 285: Did I Disappoint You? (5)

Even though those words only numbered to a brief dozen, he only paid attention to two: Qiao Anhao.

Back then, it had been a long time since he hadn't seen her. People around him didn't know her, and so those two words endlessly replayed in his mind. Suddenly, when he heard someone say the name that was engraved in his heart, he was startled. After a long while, his brain finally started moving again, but all he thought about over and over again was: "to pretend to be married to Qiao Anhao".

He clearly knew Xu Wanli and Han Ruchu hated him, but after remaining silent for a long time, he still agreed to do it.

He agreed without making any requests or proposing any conditions.

It wasn't for anything else, but those two words - Qiao Anhao.

Even if he had to endure any grievances and hate, it was worth it.

As no one knew about it. Back then, he had been so excited. He felt like it was the heavens finally giving him such a wonderful opportunity; a reason to appear by her side again.

"Jiamu!" Qiao Anxia saw Lu Jinnian first. She waved and smiled at him.

Qiao Anhao, who had her back to Lu Jinnian, immediately turned around. She walked closer to Lu Jinnian, before smiling sweetly and calling out, "Brother Jiamu."

Brother Jiamu... the woman's voice was soft and gentle. Those two words coming from between her teeth, it sounded like there were hints of real emotion there.

It wasn't like how she called him. She would always sound distant and polite with "Mr. Lu". But recently, she had made him extraordinary satisfied, for she'd called him by his name twice.

Lu Jinnian pushed down the sour feeling in his heart and stared at Qiao Anhao with a little warmth. He naturally pulled her over and hugged her soft hips.

Even though Lu Jinnian was dressed up as Xu Jiamu, his body odor didn't change. When Qiao Anhao hugged his waist, her heart raced like crazy when she smelt the light scent of him. There were hints of shyness in her eyes.

The new married couple didn't hold back with their love for each other, as the two of them acted so sweet and affectionate towards one another.

A person's appearance could change, but not the voice, and so when Lu Jinnian approached someone both he and Qiao Anhao knew, he would do his best not to talk.

As time pa.s.sed, everyone believed it was Xu Jiamu's disfigurement by the car accident, which caused him to change in personality and not talk as much.

And so, Lu Jinnian only pursed his lips and nodded at Qiao Anxia who had just greeted him enthusiastically.

After the car accident, Qiao Anxia was very accepting of the silent "Xu Jiamu", and so she pointed at Chen Yang next to herself. She introduced him, "Jiamu, this is my boyfriend, Chen Yang."

Chen Yang kindly pulled out his arm. "h.e.l.lo."

As usual, Lu Jinnian didn't say a word, just shook hands with Chen Yang.

Qiao Anhao was afraid that if they lingered for too long, they'd be caught out by Qiao Anxia, so she immediately found an excuse to leave. "Brother Jiamu and I are going to greet other guests."

After waiting for Qiao Anxia and Chen Yang to nod, she held onto Lu Jinnian and left.

Xu Jiamu's birthday party started at eight on the dot. Xu Wanli and Han Ruchu were also afraid to be caught out, and so they started the party off by giving their birthday wishes. Han Ruchu went up on the podium and spoke.

Lu Jinnian could only stand on the podium and wait for her to finish speaking. He raised a gla.s.s and drank with everyone.