Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 288

Chapter 288: Did I Disappoint You? (8)

In the end, Lu Jinnian didn't even know what he was thinking. When he came back to his senses, he found that there were quite a few cigarette b.u.t.ts in the toilet bowl.

The phone in his chest was constantly vibrating. He pulled it out—it was Qiao Anhao calling. He didn't pick up, but immediately rejected the call. Then he threw the half of a cigarette in his hands into the toilet and pressed flush.

The water swirled, making a whirling sound before the toilet bowl quickly fell silent. Lu Jinnian took a deep breath, fixed up his s.h.i.+rt, and pushed open the cubicle door. He stepped out and stood in front of the sink, fervently was.h.i.+ng his hands. He grabbed a tissue and wiped his hands clean, before walking out of the restroom.

Not long after Lu Jinnian went into the restroom, Han Ruchu sent someone to look for both Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian to get ready to cut the cake.

Qiao Anhao didn't dare run off. She only stood by the door of the restroom. On her way there, she took her phone out and dialed for Lu Jinnian, but n.o.body picked up.

After around ten minutes, Han Ruchu sent someone to rush them over again. Qiao Anhao could only call again. This time, the phone rang just twice before it was cut off. She creased her brows, ready to find someone to go into the men's restrooms and call for Lu Jinnian to come out when the man came out himself

Qiao Anhao hurriedly walked over. She firstly looked him up and down and realized that he was quite calm. Then she said, "They just came to rush us over. They say you have to cut the cake."

Lu Jinnian nodded slightly. His movements were so light, it was difficult for others to detect him. He reached his arm out and wrapped it around Qiao Anhao's waist, as they walked back to the banquet hall.

The banquet hall instantly fell silent when the two of them appeared. All the lights were switched off in a flash. Then two servants slowly pushed out a multi-layered cake, as tall as a person. The top of the cake was filled with candles with swaying flames.

Who knew who started it off, but the birthday song was sung.

The birthday cake stopped in front of Lu Jinnian, and everyone surrounded it. Once the song had finished, everyone stretched their heads out and blew out the candles..

The moment the candles went out, dozens of crystal lights lit up all together. The whole room exploded with cheer. There was someone who whistled, and others who shouted "Happy Birthday". Everyone had prepared a thoughtful gift and handed them one after the other to Lu Jinnian.

There already were servants standing to one side, ready to immediately take the gifts after Lu Jinnian received them. Even Han Ruchu and Xu Wanli prepared him a gift.

Everyone were busy cheering to notice how stiff Lu Jinnian's fingers were when he stretched his hands out to take Xu Wanli's present.

This was the first time in his life receiving a gift from his biological father.

Qiao Anhao was the last to give him a gift. People who Qiao Anhao and Xu Jiamu were familiar with, mischievously ushered her to give the birthday boy a kiss after she gave him his gift.

All of a sudden, everyone started to blindly roar all at once.

Qiao Anhao timidly lifted her eyes and glanced at Lu Jinnian. She hesitated for a moment. Under everyone's rhythmic chanting of "kiss him", she summoned her courage, tip-toed, and kissed Lu Jinnian on the lips with her eyes shut. It was a quick peck, like a frog skimming the water.

Suddenly, the deafening sound of cheers and clapping rocked the banquet hall.