Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 294

Chapter 294: Look Clearly at Who I Am (4)

Lu Jinnian swept a glance over the wine gla.s.s before sitting down wordlessly on the other single person couch. 

Song Xiangsi looked as he sat down. Knowing that he agreed to join her, she pa.s.sed a wine gla.s.s over. Taking the wine bottle, she poured herself more She held the stem of the gla.s.s and raised it slightly to touch his gla.s.s before downing the whole thing. 

Lu Jinnian held the stem of his gla.s.s and took a sip gracefully, wordless, not intending to talk. 

Song Xiangsi was used to Lu Jinnian's silence, so she started to entertain herself. She had a high alcohol tolerance and downed several consequent without feeling tipsy. She tilted her head, studying Lu Jinnian. He wore a formal suit that seemed suitable for a formal ball. Casually, she asked, "You went to a ball?" 

"Yea," Lu Jinnian murmured before taking another sip. 

Song Xiangsi was aware that Lu Jinnian had gone to Xu Jiamu's birthday dinner since they were brothers after all. She wanted to ask if he was doing well... The moment the words reached her mouth, they stopped. Her lips curled into a small smile and she filled her wine gla.s.s again, but before she could fill it up, the bottle was empty. 

Song Xiangsi frowned, tossing the wine bottle on the floor. She held the wine gla.s.s and finished the last bit before standing up wobbly, staggering to the washroom. When she came out again, she had removed her thick makeup, exposing a clean, milky-white face. 

The cold water from the wash had cleared her mind. She stared at Lu Jinnian, who was still drinking wine on the couch, before walking towards him. She walked one round around him before lowering her head to his shoulder to take a sniff . 

Lu Jinnian frowned instantly, standing up abruptly, pus.h.i.+ng Song Xiangsi away from him. 

Song Xiangsi stumbled backwards, falling onto the sofa. She stretched out her body and looked up at him from below, her face turning playful. "Mr. Lu, that smell definitely says something. Who was it?" 

She struggled to stand up, a cheeky smile on her face as she asked, "Was it Qiao Anhao? You slept with her?" 

Lu Jinnian's expression darkened instantly. He pressed his lips together, walking out of Song Xiangsi's office. 

Song Xiangsi followed behind closely. "Is that shame and anger I see? Or was it her who slept with you?" 

Lu Jinnian's face darkened another shade. He stopped abruptly and turned to glare at her, snarling, "Shut up!" 

Turning back, he stuffed his hands into his pockets to look for a cigarette in frustration. Litting a stick, he took a deep breath before starting to relax slightly. 

Song Xiangsi stopped her teasing when he reached for his cigarette box and took a stick out. She did the same and lit a stick of her own, her slender fingers bringing it to her lips seductively. The nicotine slowly spread through her body, her pretty features relaxing slightly as she reminisced the taste. As she smoked, she started recalling the last time she smoked, realizing that it had been many many years...