Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 295

Chapter 295: Look Clearly at Who I Am (5)

It had been at least seven years ago, at that time, she had just picked up smoking, but was soon stopped by that person.... Right now, she wished that he would appear again, would come up to her with a furious expression, s.n.a.t.c.hing the cigarette away from her. How she wished that he would scold her, but all that was just a dream. At this point, he would never appear before her again... 

Song Xiangsi couldn't help shaking her head, forcing back the memories that she had spent the past few years trying to forget. She took in another deep puff before blowing a perfect circle. Through the smoke, she could see Lu Jinnian staring blankly into s.p.a.ce. 

Song Xiangsi twitched, tapping the ash tray lightly. In a hoa.r.s.e voice, she asked, "What's wrong? Bad mood?" She added ruthlessly, "Because of Qiao Anhao?" 

Yes, because of Qiao Anhao...

Somehow, every time he got upset, it would always be linked to Qiao Anhao... 

Lu Jinnian's throat clenched, he took another deep puff, steering the topic away. "Why are you here alone celebrating a friend's birthday? Your lover?" 

"Hahaha.." Song Xiangsi scoffed as though she had heard something funny. She laughed so hard her tears welled out before turning back to Lu Jinnian with a serious expression. "He's dead."

Deep in her heart, there was a dead person. 

Inside the heart of a seemingly carefree person, there seemed to be a heart-wrenching story. 

Guys weren't as gossipy as women, so Lu Jinnian stopped asking, sinking into silence.

Song Xiangsi didn't speak as well, the two of them sitting in silence as they continued to smoke one cigarette at a time. After a seemingly long while, Song Xiangsi suddenly said in a low voice, "The rumors about my start are real, I started as an escort." 

Lu Jinnian froze slightly before remembering the rumors when she just became popular. 

But Song Xiangsi was born to act, her fame increased rapidly, burying all those rumors. 

Song Xiangsi moved to the front of Lu Jinnian, before continuing on in a small, emotionless voice, "But I only sold myself to one person, for fifty thousand RMB." 

She raised her hand towards him, emphasizing the five with her outstretched fingers. Then self-depreciation spread across her face. "I sold myself for seven years, isn't worth it, huh?" 

Song Xiangsi raised her arm to extinguish the cigarette as though she hadn't said anything. "It's getting late, I'll be going back now. Lu Jinnian, bye bye!" 

Without waiting for Lu Jinnian to react, she turned and walked away in her heels. 

After she left, the office sunk into a hollow silence. Lu Jinnian stood still all the way till the midnight alarm sounded. Through the open gla.s.s window, he stared out at the flickering lights, cheris.h.i.+ng the end of his birthday. 

He stared on for a long while, remembering the night five years ago that he would never forget....