Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 296

Chapter 296: Look Clearly at Who I Am (6)
Chapter 296: Look Clearly at Who I Am (6)

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That was two months after the day Qiao Anhao had spent the night at his Hangzhou apartment.

That was the night their relationship had taken a turn for the worst, resulting in them becoming strangers.

Every time he remembered that night, even after five years, he would still feel as though a dagger was ripping his heart apart.

It was the night the Golden Movie Award ceremony was held and it was also the night he was awarded the 'Best Second Male Lead' award because of the hit series "Longing". That was also the start of his blossoming career and Qiao Anhao's twenty first birthday.

Regardless of how busy he was, he would always find time to celebrate her birthday.

If he could, he would have gone to Beijing to celebrate her birthday with her.

But that day, he needed to be at the award ceremony, as it would affect his entire career. If he was really awarded the best second male lead, his career would be smooth sailing from then on.

This was the moment he had been waiting for after struggling for four years, after fighting hard to improve himself, to be able to give her the best.

He made up his mind and headed to Shanghai from Hengdian.

Before his flight, he arranged for his assistant to bring Qiao Anhao two sets of presents. One was the black swan cake he would order every year and the other was a bouquet of fresh flowers he specifically flew over from France. In the bouquet, he had handwritten a card with the words: Lu Jinnian will only be happy with Qiao Anhao.

Initially, he was ecstatic to have won the award, in front of the thousands of applauding crowd, he was both touched and excited.

After the ceremony at 8 pm, it was about four hours till the end of Qiao Anhao's birthday. He didn't attend the after party of the award ceremony, but instead took a flight to Beijing with his trophy.

When his plane had touched down, it was already 11.30 pm. In his hurry, he didn't inform his assistant and took a cab straight to Qiao family's mansion.

By the time the cab reached the highway, it started drizzling. He sat at the back of the cab, looking out at the blurry scenes outside the window, recalling the first time he had met Qiao Anhao. His face smoothed out and he started feeling an unusual tenderness and anxiety.

His heart started to run and even the palm that was holding onto the trophy started to sweat as he thought of how he was going to confess.

At 11.45 pm, the cab stopped directly outside Qiao family's mansion. He paid and alighted.

Qiao Anhao's birthday party had already ended. The entire mansion was silent except of the open door.

He waited for the cab to leave before taking a deep breath. He headed towards the entrance while arranging his confession speech. But before entering the mansion, he paused, his gaze falling on the trash area outside.