Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 303

Chapter 303: Xu Jiamu is Responsive (3)

Though Qiao Anhao asked Zhao Meng to come over early to pick her up to go to the set, when she arrived, it was already late. The time was almost eleven in the afternoon.

Zhao Meng didn't drive in but stopped the car outside of the mansion's courtyard.

Qiao Anhao bid Madam Chen goodbye and walked over, grabbing her bag. Just then, Zhao Meng, who had already turned the car around, stopped by the pavement in front of the gates.

Just when Qiao Anhao was about to cross the road, a Mercedes-Benz stopped right in front of the mansion. She abruptly stopped in her tracks, about to go around the car, when she saw the car open. Lu Jinnian's a.s.sistant stepped out from the front pa.s.senger seat and stepped back to open the car door in the back.

Lu Jinnian stepped out of the car and walked forward two steps. He saw Qiao Anhao at the gates of the courtyard and immediately stopped walking.

The two of them stood about a meter apart. Neither of them spoke first.

The a.s.sistant didn't notice the situation behind him. He paid the chauffeur, then turned to see Lu Jinnian standing without moving. He couldn't help but call out, puzzled, "Mr. Lu?"

He took two steps forward and saw that Qiao Anhao was in front of Lu Jinnian. In that instant, he politely greeted her, "h.e.l.lo, Miss Qiao."

Qiao Anhao snapped back to reality and nodded slightly at the a.s.sistant. She tightly grabbed the bag in her hands and looked away from Lu Jinnian. Then she s.h.i.+fted two steps to the side, around Lu Jinnian, and rushed over to the street.

She walked away hurriedly, and didn't even notice that the car Lu Jinnian had called had already started up. She was dangerously close to being hit, but luckily, Lu Jinnian reacted just in time. He suddenly pulled her arm, which made her take two steps back, and the car slowly drove off in front of her. 

The a.s.sistant jumped in fright. He looked over at Qiao Anhao, slightly pale, and asked, "Miss Qiao, are you okay?"

Qiao Anhao forced herself to calm down and shook her head at the a.s.sistant. Then she realized that Lu Jinnian had grabbed her arm. His palms were soft and warm.

Her body stiffened. She raised her head and looked at Lu Jinnian. His head was lowered, his pitch-black eyes staring directly at her. She instinctively lowered her eyes, and hesitated for a moment, before she struggled to pull her arm out of his grip. Without a sound, she lowered her head and walked off towards the streets.

Lu Jinnian's hand froze rigidly in the air, still seeming as though he was holding something. He held onto that pose, as he stared straight at Qiao Anhao's figure.

Qiao Anhao pulled the car door open, and Zhao Meng, who was on the phone, turned her head and blew a kiss. She hung up the phone, started up the car, and drove off.

The car took a turn up the road ahead. Even when they completely disappeared, Lu Jinnian was still standing, blanked out, on the spot.

After following Lu Jinnian for so many years, his a.s.sistant could smell that something was wrong. He instinctively stepped a few steps away from Lu Jinnian, and kept himself quiet, as he pretended to be deaf and mute.

After a long while, Lu Jinnian's handsome and refined eyes blinked gently. He pulled his eyes back from afar, then put his hand down. He calmly turned his head and strode over to the mansion without a sound.

The a.s.sistant waited for Lu Jinnian to walk ahead for some distance before he started striding in after him. According to many years of experience, he knew that though Lu Jinnian looked quite calm, at this moment in time, it was actually when his mood was the worst.