Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 315

Chapter 315: Xu Jiamu is Responsive (15)

Only in the car did Qiao Anhao remember that she had been having gastric problems and that Lu Jinnian had reminded her to visit the doctor after she alighted. 

She glanced at the crowded emergency unit, considering her condition. She wasn't feeling that uncomfortable any longer, hence she decided to forgo visiting a doctor. 

It wasn't the first time she had gastric problems, she would usually recover after taking some medicine. 

Han Ruchu made a call to push back Qiao Anhao's entire day of filming, rendering her free. Once she boarded the car, Han Ruchu asked, "Qiao Qiao, where do you want to go?" 

Qiao Anhao thought for a while, realizing that she didn't have anywhere to go, hence she said, "Mian Xiu Garden." 

When she started the car, Han Ruchu glanced at the time, realizing that it was going to be noon. She said, "It's lunch time, why don't you come along to my house for a meal, it's been a long time since you came over. Coincidentally, Uncle Xu is going to be out, you can accompany me and I’ll get the driver to send you back later." 

Qiao Anhao recalled the failed surprise she had planned for Lu Jinnian, deciding that it would be better to avoid that place, so she nodded. "Sure." 

Just then, she recalled that the Qiao family mansion was nearby and added, "I'll go visit Qiao house after lunch, it's been a long time since I visited them."

Han Ruchu smiled, praising Qiao Anhao for being so filial, and drove towards the Xu family mansion. On the way, they had some small talk. 

When the Xu family stewardess saw Han Ruchu and Qiao Anhao together, she was unusually happy, greeting Qiao Anhao enthusiastically, offering her a seat and helping her get tea. She even ordered the cook to add on a few more of Qiao Anhao's favorite dishes. 

Even though there was only the two of them, a wide spread was prepared on the table. 

Back when Qiao Anhao was still living in the Qiao mansion, she and Qiao Anxia would often visit the Xu family, hence the Xu family steward and Han Ruchu were both clear of their preferences. Once the dishes were all served, Han Ruchu placed a piece of chicken into Qiao Anhao's bowl. 

"Qiao Qiao, here's your favorite dish, Auntie Yun specifically made it for you, since you came." 

Auntie Yun was the stewardess that she had brought over when she married into the Xu family.

This chicken dish was indeed Qiao Anhao’s favorite. Thinking back, it had been a few months since she last tasted it. Her appet.i.te kicked in. Smiling happily, she thanked Han Ruchu before starting to eat. 

The familiar taste delighted her. She couldn't help praising auntie Yun for her culinary skills. 

Auntie Yun smiled happily, placing a piece of fish that she had made into Qiao Anhao's bowl. 

The fish meat was braised and smelled amazing. Qiao Anhao picked it up eagerly, placing it into her mouth. A fishy taste spread across her mouth and her stomach started to fumble once again. She raised her hand to cover her mouth, then dry vomited.

"Qiao Qiao, what's wrong?" 

"Miss Anhao, what's wrong?" 

Han Ruchu and the stewardess asked in concern. 

Qiao Anhao waved her hands, rus.h.i.+ng into the public bathroom to continue vomiting into the toilet bowl. 

Han Ruchu placed her food down, following after her. Qiao Anhao had locked the door. Han Ruchu tried to push it open, but she was left outside, hearing Qiao Anhao vomit.