Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 317

Chapter 317: Xu Jiamu is Responsive (17)

"This is Chanel's latest bracelet design, right? It's a limited edition. I wasn't able to get my hands on one."

Qiao Anhao wasn't familiar with Madam Xu, and she didn't like having such close interaction, but out of courtesy, she didn't just pull back her hand and kept a slight smile. 

"Initially, when i saw a photo of the bracelet, I found it mesmerizing, now that I have seen the real thing, I'm impressed. But your milky white skin is much nicer than mine," Madam Lin praised. She did so for some time before releasing her arm, turning to glance at Han Ruchu. 

Han Ruchu returned Madam Lin's glance, looking for a few seconds, then lowered her lids to take another sip of the flower tea. Slowly, she placed the tea on the table and spoke to Qiao Anhao in a warm voice. "Qiao Qiao, didn't you say you want to visit Qiao mansion? I'll get auntie Yun to prepare some tonics for you to bring along." 

Qiao Anhao instantly understood that Han Ruchu wanted to speak to Madam Lin in private, hence she started to politely bid them farewell and left the Xu mansion with the gifts.

After sending Qiao Anhao off, the stewardess came back to inform Han Ruchu, "Mrs. Xu, Miss Anhao has left." 

Han Ruchu nodded, looking slightly at the surrounding maids. The stewardess understood instantly, sending them all out of the house.

Han Ruchu then asked Madam Lin, "Sister Lin, how is it?" 

"Ruchu, I felt her pulse just now and she's definitely pregnant. But since I took quite some time, she seemed to have realized, so I couldn't find out exactly when she got pregnant. But I do know that it’s at least two months old." Madam Lin paused before asking again, "Isn't it a joyous thing? Why aren't you excited?" 

Han Ruchu remained calm, a graceful smile plastered on her face as she took a slow sip of the flower tea. She raised her lids, replying, "Sister Lin, pretend nothing happened." 

Madam Lin could see the sharpness in Han Ruchu's eyes, and so she suppressed the inner curiosity and nodded."Sure, I'll pretend I know nothing." 

Han Ruchu smiled again, signaling for Madam Lin to drink her tea. 

Madam Lin's Chinese hospital had something on in the afternoon, so she bade farewell soon after. Han Ruchu stood at the door. When Madam Lin drove off, she turned to enter the house. 

She walked straight up to the second floor, the stewardess following behind her. The woman closed the door and stood beside Han Ruchu. In a low voice, she asked, "Mrs. Xu, is Miss Anhao really pregnant?" 

In front of Madam Lin, Han Ruchu was graceful and calm, but she turned solemn instantly after, replying to the stewardess with a "Yea." 

"Who's the father of her child?" Once the stewardess asked the question, her expression dimmed. "Do you think it belongs to Lu Jinnian?" 

Han Ruchu remained silent, her face darkening. 

After a long while, the stewardess asked. "Mrs. Xu, what do you intend to do? Are you going to let her give birth to the child?" 

Han Ruchu's heart clenched. She waved the stewardess away in irritation. "Go out first, I need to think."