Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 319

Chapter 319: Xu Jiamu is Responsive (19)

The chauffeur steadily stopped the car, got out first, and then opened the car door for Qiao Anhao. After she got out of the car, he walked around to the trunk and carried the two boxes of swallow's nest that Han Ruchu has especially prepared for her. The chauffeur politely said, "Miss Qiao, since you live in that house over there, let me carry it for you."

Qiao Anhao saw the chauffeur carry the boxes with both hands, and said "Thank you" in a low voice. Then she turned around and walked into the hotel lobby with the chauffeur following respectfully two steps behind, boxes in hands.

The two of them didn't notice that there was a person sitting in a car not too far away...

Since Lu Jinnian took Qiao Anhao to the hospital, he never left. At around eleven o'clock, he saw her get into Han Ruchu's car. With his head in the mud, he didn't think much. Nor did he know how long he sat in the car before he turned the steering wheel and slowly left. At dusk, he drove back to the hotel at the set, but he didn't go up. He sat there waiting for four whole hours until he saw a familiar car drive in through the rear view mirror.

It was the Xu family's car.

The car was parked at the hotel entrance. When the car door opened, the Xu family chauffeur got out first, then went over to open Qiao Anhao's pa.s.senger car door. He took two boxes out from the trunk and followed Qiao Anhao into the hotel.

The Xu family must of given Qiao Anhao some kind of supplements. They have always treated her like family. If Xu Jiamu woke up, they would be the perfect family.

Lu Jinnian pulled down the car window and lit a cigarette. As he took a breath and blew out the smoke, an unspeakable pain emanated from his very bones.

Zhao Meng wasn't in the hotel room. The chauffeur put the boxes down in an empty spot on the floor and politely took his leave.

Qiao Anhao didn't do much that day, but she felt this unspeakable sense of exhaustion. After a hot shower, she climbed into bed. Just as she was groggily about to fall asleep, the hotel door opened, followed by Zhao Meng's voice. "Swallow's nest. Qiao Qiao, can I have some?"

Qiao Anhao didn't even blink, just gave Zhao Meng a "mm" as though to say yes. Then she flipped over and coincidentally faced the light by the bedside cabinet. The light left her uncomfortable, and so she opened her eyes to turn off the lights. But then, her line of sight landed on the box of stomach medicine she'd put aside last night.

Zhao Meng twisted the lid off a bottle of swallow's nest. As she ate it, she complemented on how good it tasted, then went over in front of Qiao Anhao to ask, "Qiao Qiao, do you want to eat some? It tastes great."

Qiao Anhao didn't eat anything that evening. She wasn't hungry at first, but with Zhao Meng's words, she suddenly felt an emptiness in her stomach. Even though she was just about to fall asleep, she stopped feeling sleepy with Zhao Meng's chatter and the sight of her stomach medicine. So she nodded at Zhao Meng, who put the bottle of swallow's nest in her hand, and cheerfully ran over. She gave Qiao Anhao a bottle, without forgetting to twist off the lid, and handed it to her.

Just as Zhao Meng said, the swallow's nest tasted amazing. Qiao Anhao ate some. Since she didn't feel any pain in her stomach, she continued to eat it.

Zhao Meng was always a night owl. After eating the swallow's nest, she sat at the desk and went on the computer. Less than half an hour later, she yawned numerous times.