Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 321

Chapter 321: I'm Sorry (1)

Lu Jinnian acted as though he didn't see the doubt in her eyes, he reached out to place a jacket over her shoulders before saying in a calm voice: "It's getting cold, becareful not to get a cold." 

Ever since the birthday, Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao had had a rather distant relations.h.i.+p, other than during filming, they barely communicated. 

When she heard his voice, she looked away, thanking him faintly, "Thank you." 

Lu Jinnian didn't respond. He continued to stare at Qiao Anhao for a while more before following her gaze towards a patch of hibiscus flowers. 

She stood silently with the jacket over her shoulders. Lu Jinnian's familiar scent clouded her senses, turning her mind into a frenzied mess. 

Is he showing her care... If not, why would he get her gastric pills and bring her a jacket...

But if he cared, why did he suddenly get so mad at her? 

Both of them stood in silence for a long while, staring at the blossoming hibiscus flowers. Just then, Lu Jinnian spoke silently, breaking the peace. " How's Jiamu? Is he going to wake up?" 

"Yea," Qiao Anhao replied lightly. After a bit, she added, "Since Jiamu moved, the specialists said that he would definitely wake up, but they weren't sure when." 

As she spoke, she paid attention to Lu Jinnian, trying to find some regret. But after staring for a long while, she still wasn't able to spot anything in his frosty exterior. He acknowledged her words with a faint "Oh, it's good that he can wake up."

Qiao Anhao hung her head, feeling a hint of sorrow. It wasn't that she was hoping Xu Jiamu wouldn't wake up, but she was feeling upset that Lu Jinnian didn't seem to feel anything about the situation. It was as though the end of their relations.h.i.+p didn't matter to him. 

She hung her head for a long while, trying to calm herself. She spoke in a low voice when she told him, "I'll go in first, I have a scene later." 

Lu Jinnian remained silent, his gaze still focused on the blossoming hibiscus. 

Qiao Anhao stood for a while more, after confirming that he didn't intend to react, she removed his jacket, pa.s.sed it to him, and walked towards the filming set. 

When her footsteps got lighter and finally disappeared, Lu Jinnian turned around to look towards the direction she had gone. Under the dim lighting and empty surroundings, he looked lonely and desolate. 

She should be happy if Xu Jiamu woke up… Then, they would probably get together? 

What about him? What was he going to do? Leave and stay alone forever? 

The filming took the rest of the day, and when it finally ended, Qiao Anhao had at least ten days worth of rest. 

After returning back to the city, she realized that there was a large amount of swallow’s nest left over, hence she gave some to Zhao Meng before taking the rest back to Mian Xiu Garden. 

For the ten days that she didn't have any scenes, Lu Jinnian didn't have any either. When she looked up entertainment news, she would find news of him in the city, but never once did he come back to Mian Xiu Garden.