Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 324

Chapter 324: I'm Sorry (4)
Chapter 324: I am Sorry (4)

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
Madam Chen stood at the bottom of the stairs, looking at Lu Jinnian in confusion. She had thought that he had run up to find Qiao Anhao in anticipation, since he had not seen her in a long time. But just when she was about go back to her room, the door flew open and Lu Jinnian was shouting for her.

Madam Chen did not hesitate, rushing up instantly. When she reached the top, Lu Jinnian had wrapped Qiao Anhao in a blanket and had carried her out of the room. "Get the car ready!" he shouted.

Madam Chen had wanted to ask what was wrong, but the moment Lu Jinnian had shouted at her, she ate her words and rushed out.

By the time he came out of the house, Madam Chen had already opened the car doors. He placed Qiao Anhao inside, fastened her seat belt, completely ignoring Madam Chen when she asked what was wrong. Entering the driver's seat, he slammed into the accelerator and sped out.

As he sped to the hospital, he reached for his phone to get his assistant. Just then, he realized that his hands were soft and weak. "Inform the doctors ... not me, its Qiao Qiao, Ill reach there in a few minutes.

After he hung up, he looked towards Qiao Anhao, his mind running through the problems that she could be suffering from, his heart in a knot.

When he reached the entrance of the emergency exit, his assistant was already there, waiting for Lu Jinnian's entrance.

His assistant had prepared everything, Lu Jinnian carried Qiao Anhao down and followed to the third floor where she was rolled for checks.

The sole floor was silent. Even though Qiao Anhao was only gone for about ten minutes, Lu Jinnian felt as though he had endured a century. Every minute lasted forever and pained him. His usual smooth demeanor was long gone, as he repeatedly asked his assistant, Why isnt she out yet?"

His assistant could not help it any longer. "Mr. Lu, Miss Qiao could just be on her period, it's probably nothing serious."


Lu Jinnian frowned slightly, remembering that he had once learned about it biology lessons. Calming down slightly, he stood up once again. Just then, the operation door opened and a female nurse came out. She pulled down her mask and asked, " Who are her family members?"

"I am." At that moment, Lu Jinnian had forgotten that he was just acting as her husband and spoke on instinct.

"You're the patient's husband?" the nurse asked before passing a document over. "The patient is two months pregnant, but the report shows that the baby died at least a week ago. We need to do a miscarriage immediately, otherwise shell be in grave danger."

Lu Jinnian froze, his mind running, unable to process what she had just told him.

His assistant, grasping the gist, asked, "Died in her stomach?"