Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 327

Chapter 327: I'm Sorry (7)

Outside Han Ruchu’s bedroom, the steward silently called out to her, "Mrs Xu."

Han Ruchu looked towards the sleeping Xu Wanli, climbing softly off the bed. She took a jacket before leaving the bedroom. With a finger to her lips, she signaled for the stewardess to be quiet while they walked down the stairs. 

The stewardess followed behind her closely. 

The both of them walked out of the house to the empty garden before the stewardess spoke. "Mrs. Xu, Miss Anhao has just been sent to the hospital, her baby having died in her stomach." 

The night was late and the stewardess spoke in a low voice, emphasizing the last coupe words. Han Ruchu clenched her jacket, forcing a calm expression on her face as she looked at the lotus flower that had blossomed. After a long while, she nodded. "I understand." 

She paused for a bit, then added, "You can leave now, I want to be alone." 

"Yes, Mrs. Xu," the stewardess replied and left respectfully. 

A cold breeze blew past. Han Ruchu looked out at the calm waters, taking a deep breath. 

To the eyes of others, she seemed to have the perfect family: a blissful marriage , a loving husband, and a filial son, but who knew that under the facade she had suffered so much? 

Until Xu Jiamu was three years old, she had naively believed that her life was indeed blissful, but that all ended when that women carried a child to the Xu family, that was when she knew that her blissful life was such a big joke!

Her husband had actually left a child outside and that child was born on the same day as her son, the day when she was the proudest had actually become a humiliation. 

All these years, every time she celebrated her son's birthday, she would remember the child that her husband had outside. 

She hated him, she had also blamed him, and ever since then, her son was her whole world. She pampered him to no end, knowing that her son would never betray her. 

She had given all her love to Xu Jiamu, hence when she had found out from Qiao Anxia that her son was in love with Qiao Anhao, she had gone to Qiao family without hesitation to ask for her hand. 

Five years ago, the night of Qiao Anhao's birthday, she had been outside her home and had coincidentally b.u.mped into Lu Jinnian's a.s.sistant. He was preparing to deliver a present for her to the the Qiao family's helper. At that time, she had intervened. The moment she saw the card from Lu Jinnian, she had helped to break any hope that Lu Jinnian had for Qiao Anhao on behalf of her son. 

The reason was simple, Qiao Anhao was the woman that her son loved, no one else was allowed to s.n.a.t.c.h her from him. Besides, Lu Jinnian was the person she hated the most, hence she told him straight in the face that Qiao Anhao and Xu Jiamu were going to marry, but at that time, the marriage hadn't been set, as they were both still young. 

If it wasn't for the accident which robbed her of her choices, she would have never let Lu Jinnian interact with Qiao Anhao. 

At that time, there wasn't any other choice, the only one in this world who could act as Xu Jiamu was Lu Jinnian.