Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 329

Chapter 329: I'm sorry (9)

The doctor paused for a while before adding, " The main reason for the miscarriage were the sleeping pills." 

Lu Jinnian froze, his face paling. 

"Besides, the kind of sleeping pills that she is taking has a component that would cause the user to become unconscious, causing her to still be asleep now.

"During the operation, I gave your wife an anesthesia shot. That shot along with the her sleeping pills would let her sleep for a long while more. If she's fine after she wakes up, she can go home, but she may still be a little weak, so do make sure she has plenty of rest. After the surgery, she'll bleed for about a week. If the bleeding doesn't stop, you must come back for a check up." 

The doctor had said a lot and had tried to concise his words, but once he saw Lu Jinnian's expression, he hesitated and tried to comfort him.

"Mr. Lu, I hope you won't blame yourself even though you are upset. The fact that the child is here means that you have made an effort with the mutual consent to not use any preventive measures. You might be upset to have lost a child, but your wife will definitely feel even worse, since it's a mother's nature.

"Besides, if she were to know that she had caused the death of her child, she would feel guilty. That's why I decided to inform you about it beforehand, so that she won't be in shock when she finds out after she wakes up." 

Lu Jinnian couldn't explain the negativity in his heart. He felt in pain and lost, but his eyes stared calmly at the doctor. Mustering up a lot of energy, he murmured, "Yea, I understand." After a bit, he added, "Thank you." 

The doctor nodded formally then retreated with the others from the ward, leaving him alone and in silence. 

The lights in the ward were dim and yellow, blurring his vision. He stood at the same spot for a long time before turning to look at Qiao Anhao, who was lying on the bed. She had just been through a surgery. Her face was pale but peaceful, unaware of the tragedy that had just happened.

If she were to find out that she had lost a child in her dreams and that the child died because of the sleeping pills that she had taken, what would she do? 

Be upset? Regret it? Break down? Or would she be devastated? 

In that instance, Lu Jinnian's mind was filled with the image of Qiao Anhao crying sadly. His heart clenched, and the the nurse’s and doctor’s words echoed in his head. 

"Let's not talk about the damage done to a body after a miscarriage... As a mother, if she knew that her own child had silently pa.s.sed away, she'd probably be heartbroken to death!" 

"You might be upset to have lost a child, but your wife will definitely feel even worse, since it's a mother's nature." 

Feel even worse... When he found out that his child had died, he felt as though every cell in his body had exploded; he had never felt such pain in his life.